What’s Behind Severe Back Pain In The First Semester Of Pregnancy?


It is commonly addressed that pregnancy is a critical stage of a women’s life. Because this stage, another life is situated and forming inside the mother’s womb. This is a very complicated phase.


So it needs careful attention to ensure the safety and wellness of both lives in particular. Likewise, during pregnancy, women experience severe back pain during pregnancy first semester which is very typical for this kind of situations. This pain happens as the reaction of the body towards the changes prompted by this pregnancy.


  1. Severe back pain during pregnancy and its causes

During pregnancy, in the early stage, the weight of the fetus is somehow unimportant on the impact in the body shape of a female. And the question is, why such pain happens during this stage?


Scientifically speaking, the severe lower back pains may begin from the very first day. This is natural in pregnancy so no need to worry about it. There are reasonable ideas that relate to this phenomenon.


At the beginning, pregnancy is associated with various lower back pains. It is because the systems which are natural in the woman’s body in this stage prepare for reshaping in preparation of gestation.


The severe pains are commonly starting in the first semester of the pregnancy. In this state, the uterus starts to enlarge to stay particularly in the lower part of the abdomen. This also causes pain in the abdomen which pregnant women are experiencing. Somehow, these signs may vanish after a few weeks of pregnancy.


  1. Severe causes of lower back pain during pregnancy

The severe pain in the lower back during pregnancy is considered not to be safe. Though for some reasons it is caused by hormonal changes. This is very common in the first semester of pregnancy. This is also in preparation of giving birth. In this stage, the body is releasing more amounts of hormones than in the normal state.


The woman’s state of being is starting to be restructured which causes a woman’s body to be susceptible to some diseases. It is a natural thing in motherhood. This is in order for a woman’s body to adapt something which is unfamiliar to the body system like the fetus.


  1. Back pain and types

There are common types of back pains usually associated with pregnancy. A back pain, which takes place under waistline surrounding the tailbone, is called the posterior pelvic pain.


The pain may be extended in the lower back of thighs and buttocks. The other type of back pain which is spotted in the lower back of the spinal region is called lumbar pain. This type of back pain can be situated before pregnancy.


  1. Using heat and cold during pregnancy

It is very common to everyone to use heat and cold in relieving back pains. It may also help pregnant mothers to greatly treat severe back pain during pregnancy first semester.


You may put cold packs on the back pain for a few minutes. And you may change the routine by putting heat after a few days. It is just that they need to consult to a doctor first before taking these actions.


  1. Back Pain during pregnancy and Exercise

During pregnancy, it is best recommended to engage a pregnant woman in exercising. This is because exercise is very significant for pregnant women.


This is somehow a better treatment for severe back pain during pregnancy. But you have to seek for professional advice on what exercise is best for you to avoid problems. As much as possible, a pregnant woman should start working out to remedy the back pain. Moreover, it is also highly advised to be active physically during this stage. This is to prepare the body in the coming days for labor.


  1. Severe back pain during pregnancy and Rest

A woman who is pregnant should have a good rest and enough sleep. This matter is commonly needed because stress can only alleviate the lower back pain in this stage. So a pregnant woman needs a thorough plan to rest to avoid certain pains.


  1. Severe back pain during pregnancy and Yoga

One of the best ways how to get rid of back pains is through yoga. This matter is somehow be fused with the main exercise. This technique is best allowed also for pregnant women who usually suffer from back pain. Somehow if the back pain is still there and it exists for a long period of time, always ask your medical personnel.


  1. Severe back pain during pregnancy and Medications

There are provided medications for pregnant women, which can decrease the back pain. But in order to be safe, consult first medical experts. Because intake of pain reliever in the course of pregnancy is not advisable. However, there are prescribed pain relievers that are safe for pregnant women.


Some may consider having acetaminophen which is very safe for pregnant women according to experts. But there are also some which are prohibited for pregnant mothers such as aspirin, and some ibuprofen brands. These products may change the blood flows of the baby which can result in more serious problems.


Those things mentioned above are some of the ways you might consider to ease, if not to totally cure the severe back pain during pregnancy first semester.