glass cleaning products

What You Should Know About Glass Cleaning Products


Windows with clear, sparkling, and streak-free glass are a joy to look at.


Whether you’re an apartment dweller or the resident of a palatial house, cleaning your home’s windows can be made easy with the right glass cleaning products.


These products should be safe, first and foremost, and are not harmful to your health.


You also need to know about the hazardous chemicals or toxic substances contained in the products which you may inhale or have contact with through your skin accidentally.


Read the labels on these cleaning products to find out what kind of chemical compounds were used in their manufacture.


Use the correct solvent to reduce the residue or streaking and prolong the period until the glass has to be cleaned again.


The type of glass cleaner you choose is determined by the kind of glass you have.


There are glass cleaners for general purpose uses and heavy duty tasks.


Still, there are environment-friendly glass cleaners for those who prefer their cleaning agents chemical-free.


Use paper towels instead of cloth towels to clean glass.


The latter tends to leave dust behind and make it more difficult to clean glass more quickly.


Towels pre-soaked with cleaning agents are convenient to use since you just wipe the glass surfaces to be cleaned with them.


Use cotton swabs dipped with distilled white vinegar to reach the dust or grime that may be lodged in corners of glassed items.


Applying the cleaner to warm glass on windowpanes means they will enable the cleaner to dry faster than usual and leave streaks.


Clean glass windows on overcast days as well as days with a temperature of 70°F or 21°C.


Never use glass cleaning products that contain ammonia.


This chemical may work wonders for your kitchen floor but will not be so kind to your car and your health as well since it releases hazardous fumes that can make you cough or light-headed.


Ammonia will destroy the window tint of your car by drying out the thin film of plastic that covers your car’s windows.


Get a cleaner that says “tint safe” on its label.


Exchange a dry cloth for the wet one you use to clean the car’s windows to keep streaks off.


Choose lint-free microfiber towels with 300 GSM which can hold up their weight up to eight times in water.


They will not cause scratching on your car’s windows.


Old socks, t-shirts, and face towels are not good choices to clean your car’s glass windows because they will scratch them and cause missed spots and streaks.


The same goes for crumpled newpapers, and magazine and telephone directory pages.


Clean your car’s rear-view mirror and windows after you have cleaned your car’s entire interior to avoid stray spray.


Don’t overlook to use glass cleaning products on the small edgings at the car windows’ tops since this area accumulates dirt in its rubber lip.


Roll down each of your car’s windows to clean this particular area on both exterior and interior glass



Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (24-Pack)






Zwipes are constructed with a super-soft plush microfiber design that safely and effectively cleans surfaces with or without chemical detergents. They hold eight times their weight in liquid, can be washed hundreds of times, and will dry in half the time of ordinary towels. Zwipes are ideal for providing a streak-free, lint-free shine on household and automotive surfaces; and can also easily clean up spills, grease, oil and more. Each cloth measures 12″ x 16″.


Plush, super-soft microfiber cloths, best for cleaning & dusting the kitchen, home, car, bath, glasses and more


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Absorbs eight times its weight in water, and dries in half the time of standard dishcloth, face wash cloths, hand towels & dusters


Can be washed (cold water & tumble dry low) and reused hundreds of times, allowing you to save money on paper towels and costly cleaners


Each bulk cloth measures 12″ x 16″, and each set ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging


It’s recommended to rinse your cloths in plain water before their first use