What You Need to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Headlights


Nine out of ten motor vehicles out on today’s roads are liable to figure in some form of accident because of yellowed, foggy, and hazy headlights.


There are numerous ways and various products in cleaning headlights that you can use which are less expensive than commercial cleaning kits.


Here are some of them:


Toothpaste and Aluminum Polishing Compound


Did you know that you can actually use toothpaste to clean headlights?


Use the blue toothpaste variety because those with whitening or mint properties have some other compounds which could damage headlights.


Apply toothpaste on a soft, dry cloth and rub through the small areas of the headlights using circular motions. Do this until all of the grime is removed.


Rinse headlights with water and then wipe thoroughly with a slightly wet cloth. Wait for it to dry completely before applying some polish to obtain a shiny look.


Wash the exterior of the headlights with some soap and water to remove all of the dirt and grime before you polish them. Let the headlights dry.


Apply a small amount of aluminum polishing compound on a soft, dry cloth and work on the surface of the headlights in circular motions.


Let them dry before buffing off the haze with a clean cloth. Repeat buffing until the headlights are clear again (around three buffings or more).


Lasting Clean and Sealant and Wax

Clean the lenses of the headlights twice with some paper towels and ordinary rubbing alcohol.


Wet sand headlights with 400 grit sandpaper using a spray bottle.


The factory coating will come off and a hazy line will soon appear and change its shape as it continually gets sanded off.


Remember to sand off the coating completely.


Sand out the scratches of the 400 grit sandpaper using a piece each of 1200 and 1500 type grit sandpaper.


Clean up with some paper towels.


Spray headlights with an adhesion promoter (like Bulldog) and then spray two to three coats of an automotive clear coat.


This chemically-hardened clear coat may cost between $20 and $50 but this method of cleaning headlights ensures that your headlights will not need buffing for several months.


Get a kit which has lubricant, sealant, sandpaper pads, and a cleaning polish or compound (such as Rain-X) or you can these items separately.


If it’s the latter that you decide on, get sandpaper that is labeled wet/dry in 800, 1000, and 2000 grit.


All paint surrounding the headlights should be taped off before you spray the lubricant on headlights and sandpaper and start with the lowest-numbered grit.


Use the lowest grit to clean headlights until a yellow film comes off them; they will appear cloudy and scratchy until you complete the procedure with the 2000 grit.


Repeat previous step but use the 1000 grit sandpaper.


Headlights will appear less cloudy.


Repeat a last time with the 2000 grit and cover all of the scratches.


Apply the cleaner to a rag cloth and rub onto headlights.


Let them dry before buffing off.


Repeat the same procedure but using the plastic polish.


Spray the sealant for cleaning headlights on the whole surface using a clean cloth.


Wipe off excess liquid after a few minutes.



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