What Does A Nurse Practitioner Do?

One of the toughest jobs on the planet is being a nurse practitioner, everyday you will be confronted with human pain and suffering but somehow have to keep your strength and the mental fortitude required to keep on going. If you break down and stop then that could cost a patient’s life.

On a daily basis nurse practitioners come face to face with some of the worst injuries and diseases known to man but have to keep a level head and ensure that they respond in the correct medical way. Today, we take a look at what a nurse practitioner does on a daily basis and dive into the daunting world of a hospital.

The diagnosing

One of the key aspect of a nurse practitioner’s daily routine is diagnosing patients. As in most cases, they will be the patient’s first point of contact on accessing the hospital. This is tough task as they need to gauge how bad the patient’s symptoms or injuries are and how fast they need to see a doctor or specialist. Does this patient need to be given priority? Does this patient need to be rushed to an operating room? Nurse practitioners can ask for diagnostic testing to be carried out and will look at the results to make an official diagnosis. Throughout the country, in all states, NP’s can write prescriptions and sometimes depending on state law, do not need to be under the supervision of a doctor. Of course most hospitals will need the doctor to view and solve complex diagnosis. However, with simple injuries or common symptoms, nurse practitioners can make the diagnosis.

Medical Record Keeping

A big part of the cog in the wheel that is our health industry is the hospital needs to keep track of its patients and what has been done when a patient enters their facilities care. Nurse practitioners are the designated personnel that ensure hospital’s medical records are kept updated and reflect any treatment that has been prescribed or administered. This of course means that one of the daily task of a nurse practitioner is filling in a lot of paperwork and it is seen as one of their most important tasks of the day because incorrect paperwork could lead to a doctor prescribing the wrong drugs or even mix patients up which as you can guess would be very dangerous.

Minor procedures

A nurse practitioner is qualified to help doctors with minor procedures and can even carry out minor surgeries such as a bone marrow biopsy or a lumbar puncture. They will also provide patients with important after surgery education to ensure the patient knows what to expect during their recovery and try to coach their lifestyle to be more healthy.


As their career progresses, many nurse practitioners will move into management roles in a hospital or healthcare facility. They may go on to work as a nurse supervisor and ensure that the scheduling of staff is carried out and that the department’s paperwork is kept up to date. These roles will consist more of administrative task and may even been behind a desk, but are just as important to ensure a hospital runs smoothly.

Well there you have it the breakdown of what you can expect to find in a nurse practitioner’s daily routine, please let us know what you find interesting about a NP’s career and what influenced you to pick this career path!

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