cardiothoracic surgeon job description and salary

What does a Cardiothoracic Surgeon do?


Are you wondering what’s the cardiothoracic surgeon job description and salary?


Then fear no more, we are here to help you identify all this information!


So, what is the cardiothoracic surgeon, what do they do?


The cardiothoracic surgeon is a doctor that’s specialized in thorax-related surgical procedures.


Most of the time, these procedures focused on various organs found in the chest area.


This includes the lungs, heart or the esophagus.


Aside from performing a surgery, the doctor will also need to treat diseases and diagnose them as well.


Ever since WWII ended, cardiothoracic surgery has evolved quite a lot, and it continues to grow all the time.


As we mentioned earlier, the cardiothoracic surgeon job description and salary state that they have to identify the diseases that appear in various chest organs.


They also cover the tissues and bony structures that are a part of the chest cavity.


The cardiologist will decide whether the patient needs to opt for surgery or not, and the cardiothoracic surgeon will handle the task from there.


There are multiple specialties in cardiothoracic surgery, and these include childrens cardiac surgery, adult cardiac surgery, heart/lung transplant surgery, congential cardiac surgery, general thoracic surgery and so on.


Depending on the situation, the cardiothoracic surgeon will be able to treat things like heart failures, coronary artery disease, leaking heart valves, artery enlargement, atrial fibrillation and many other similar issues.


Aside from performing the surgery, a cardiothoracic surgeon will also need to monitor patients in intensive care.


The cardiothoracic surgery doesn’t have a large degree of risks, but complications can appear at times.


Thrombosis, strokes, fluids around the lungs as well as arrhythmias can appear out of nowhere.


That’s why sitting near the patient and monitoring his vitals is a crucial aspect to focus on.


The job description states that this is a job focused on precision.


Not only does the cardiothoracic surgeon have to do a very good job during the surgery, but the extra care necessary afterward can either make or break the results.


That’s why this can be a rather stressful job. However, the salary more than makes up for it.


According to, the median salary for the cardiothoracic surgeon at the time of this writing is $444660, although some professionals can earn up to $550000 or even more than that.


Yes, this is one of the most well-paid jobs in the medical world.


But, as we mentioned above, it’s also one of the most stressful jobs too, so there is a reason why these professionals are paid such a high salary.


As you can see from the cardiothoracic surgeon job description and salary, this is a challenging, but financially rewarding job.


However, becoming such a professional requires a lot of time and effort, since you have to go through medical school, practice and multiple certifications.


But if the overall salary shows anything, that would be the fact that all that hard work can pay off from a financial standpoint!