What Are Some Examples of Disinfectants?

Generally, there are so many examples of disinfectants and you will need to make a choice on which one to use for cleaning your home or office. Ideally, it is essential that you make the best choice and the two main things that you need to consider in a disinfectant are effectiveness and cost.


You obviously do not want to spend a fortune trying to disinfect your surroundings but at the same time, you also need an assurance that the disinfectant you are using is effective and will get the job done.


You will realize that the various examples of disinfectants are quite useful and are used in various situations that can be encountered at home. For instance, disinfectants that are chlorine based are quite effective and useful when used in the bathroom and kitchen. All in all, there are many disinfectants that you can decide to consider. A few of these types of disinfectants are located below.



One of the examples of disinfectants are made of the alcohol. Alcohol is highly effective when used to disinfect instruments and skin. They are quite fast in their action and leave no residues behind. And the best thing is that alcohols are inexpensive and still quite effective just like any other general disinfectant.


However, you should know that alcohol as a disinfectant is indeed flammable and may not be able to kill some viruses. Evaporation of alcohol is also very quick which minimizes the time span in which they are able to get into contact with viruses and bacteria. Lastly, alcohol has the ability to irritate the eyes so be careful in it’s application to surfaces and wear gloves if necessary.



This one is quite well known and is a common active ingredient in generally any typical household bleach. Chlorine can work as effectively as fungicides, sporicides and bactericides. Still, most people use chlorine to disinfect areas being used for food preparation. Chlorine is such a common sight at kitchens and the best thing is that it is not expensive but quite affordable.


While chlorine is able to work very quickly, it has a few downsides such as the ability to corrode certain metals rather easily. Chlorine also gives a very unpleasant odor. It can still irritate your respiratory system, skin and eyes and you need to keep in mind all these factors before you buy this disinfectant. 



Some examples of disinfectants like formaldehyde and others in this class are very effective when used against spore, viruses and bacteria. The best thing with these disinfectants on top of being non corrosive is that they do not cause stains on fabric or skin. With aldehydes, you are able to sterilize rubber and plastic as well as other items that can not be sterilized in autoclave. Unfortunately, these disinfectants are not stable in certain solutions and for them to stay active, you must use them in alkaline solutions.