will eye floaters go away

What are Eye Floaters and will eye floaters go away?


Nowadays, more and more people tend to have vision problems.


This is why it can be a good idea to understand what eye floaters are and what impact they have on our lives.


Not only that, but people will also ask themselves “will eye floaters go away?” as well.


We have all the answers here.


The eye floaters are small spots that tend to drift in front of your field of vision.


Usually, they stand out whenever you look at a place, location or light source with a lot of brightness.


Smaller eye floaters are not a problem, but the large ones can indeed shadow your vision.


Just like ear noise, you can learn how to live with this.


That being said, will eye floaters go away?


Usually not, but you can work with your doctor to deal with them adequately.


What causes eye floaters?


These eye floaters are pieces of collagen, and they are a part of the vitreous, a substance that’s like gel and which is found in the back of your eye.


Aging will shrink down the proteins, and they will create a clump that’s the eye floater.


As you can imagine, this happens after a certain age, most likely after 50.


Floaters can also appear due to eye tumors, vitreous deposits, eye injuries, eye diseases and retinopathy caused by diabetes.


Some eye disorders link to floaters, and these are detached or torn retina, eye tumors and an inflamed vitreous.


Most of the time, you will see these floaters moving around the eye.


They can be lines, gray or black dots, rings, strands similar to threads as well as cobwebs and so on.


When should you see the doctor?


In case you have more and more floaters or flashes or light, it’s mandatory to talk with the doctor.


A similar situation appears when you have no more side vision, if you have fast changes, floaters after eye surgery and so on.


So, will eye floaters go away?


It all depends on the treatment you use.


Most of the time, the eye floaters do not go away at all.


The idea here is that the benign floaters do not require medical treatment, you can just remove them from your field of vision.


Moving your eyes can come in handy.


However, if you need surgery, you will have to do a vitrectomy.


During the process, the doctor will remove the vitreous and replace it with a salt-based solution.


The great thing about such a surgery is that it comes with low risks.


That being said, whenever you ask “will eye floaters go away, you should know that there’s no positive answer to this most of the time.


But you can live with them and sometimes even ignore these, which is a great way to live your life for sure.


Knowing how to adapt to situations like this will come in handy for sure, so try to avoid rushing, it will indeed help you a lot here.