Vital Tips in Managing Public Speaking Anxiety


Even a seasoned performer experiences anxious moments before the curtain is lifted and before he struts on stage. In reality, every performer, or speaker needs to have his adrenalin going to deliver a solid performance.


Without this adrenaline rush, a public speaker might just give a so-so speech instead of an inspiring one. It is a question of how well you can manage your public speaking anxiety.


Anxiety is Normal in Public Speaking

You need to understand that it is not unusual to be afraid of speaking in public. If a person continues to deliver his speeches in front of people, he will develop the confidence he needs, over time.


What you should be afraid of is when you have been giving public speeches for so long, and you are still overly anxious every time you have a speaking engagement.


If this is your case, you need to seek professional help. Thankfully, not very many public speakers have this problem.



Tips That Can Reduce Your Public Speaking Anxiety

Don’t be overly afraid. You are on the same boat as every other public speaker out there. But the big difference is that they know how to effectively manage their fear of public speaking.


If you follow the techniques discussed below, you will surely reduce your fear considerably.



  1. Talk about a subject that is close to your heart.

If the subject of your speech is about something that is close to your heart, you will be able to lessen your anxiety significantly. Why? Because, when you speak about a subject that you love, you will be speaking from your heart. You will not rely too much on your notes and the mechanics of your speech because you are discussing with the audience something that has occupied your mind for a long time.



  1. Get to know your audience.

You also need to research about the audience that you will be speaking to. If you know the general classification of your audience, you will be able to tailor your speech, no matter what the subject is, to their interest. If you discuss specific things that pertain to their interests, you have effectively captured your audience. It is a reciprocal thing actually because if they show you their appreciation, you will be more confident in your speech. Keeping this important thing in mind can greatly lessen your public speaking anxiety.



  1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

There is nothing that can control your nerves than adequate preparation. If you are thoroughly prepared, you can deliver your speech in a very confident manner because you have practiced it well. Preparation does not just mean practicing your speech over and over but it also means researching your subject thoroughly, and not keeping any stones unturned.


This will make you an expert on the subject of your speech – which will add up to your confidence when you go up to the podium.