Understanding Shoe Disinfectant

Most people prefer buying used shoes than brand new shoes largely due to the fact that they are assured of better bargains when it comes to shoes that have been used. Using disinfectant for shoes is very important before wearing them as disinfectant helps in combating spread of diseases and infections.


This is because the people that might have worn the uses before might be carrying germs on their feet that can cause serious feet illnesses on the wearer. Using shoe disinfectant is also important as it also deodorizes the shoes.



Instructions On Using Shoe Disinfectant


To start with, you will need a bleach, shoe disinfectant spray and rubbing alcohol. The bacteria in the shoes can easily get killed by soaking the used shoes in a solution of rubbing alcohol. As the alcohol gets seeped to the used shoes, the bacteria will be killed in the process. Then, remove your shoes from the solution and places exposed directly to the sun for about two hours.


Alcohol will become dry and germs will get removed as well. Then, take your bleach and mix it with some water. This mixture should then be sprayed to shoes evenly. This kills fungus and germs. It is essential you ensure that all parts of your shoes come into contact with the bleach for effective results.



Make sure that both the inside and outside are well sprayed with the disinfectant spray to ensure that the shoe disinfectant kills most of the germs as well. However, the disinfectant spray only disinfects shoes surfaces that are non- porous. The shoes inside should then be applied with anti fungal shoe spray to help kill fungus that can cause illnesses like the athletes foot.


Deodorizing the shoes should be done by use of baking soda and cat litter which you should also place in the shoe. Airing the shoes is essential which should be done overnight after applying the shoe disinfectant. It is important that you pull out the shoe tongue by removing the laces to ensure that the inside is well exposed.


shoe disinfectant supplies


It is important that you know exactly which best  shoe disinfectant you will be using on your used shoes. To ensure that you are using the right chemical for your shoe, read the shoe label first and get an idea of which chemical you should be using. Also, there is a wide range of used shoes out there and it is keen that you avoid buying used shoes which come with strong odor.



Still, you should also know that some shoes can be washed by used of machine where you can mix the water with shoe disinfectant. If you will be using the machine cleaner, you will still need to use anti fungal spray to kill fungus once the shoes a re dry. However, when cleaning the shoes, you must never mix chemicals as they can react and end up damaging the shoe. You should research on the various shoe disinfectants and select only the best.


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