carpet cleaning equipment

Types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment


Knowing the different kinds of carpet cleaning equipment and how they’re utilized will help you determine the kind of cleaner you need.


While they have the same purpose, the way these machines work vary, and you must have a basic understanding of each one to avoid misunderstandings and confusion.


Spot Cleaners

These are portable cleaning machines that you or a carpet cleaner can bring to the area where it’s required.


Spot cleaners are equipped with a tank where the carpet shampoo and water are mixed, and another tank for the dirty that gets vacuumed.


The most widely used spot cleaners have rotating brushes which clean the carpet.


Spot cleaners can also double as cleaners for furniture with some dirt smudges or stains.


While these are designed for home use, they can also be used commercially.



Rolling Canister Carpet Cleaners

Rolling canister carpet cleaners typically have wheels that make it easy to move the equipment, and it has a container where clean water and cleaning solution are stored.


In addition, there’s a canister where the dirty water sucked from your carpet is stored.


What makes these cleaners different is they have a heating component that converts water to steam or warm the cleaning water up.


These machines are also equipped with different attachments such as a furniture cleaner, a scrubber, suction wand or an applicator.



Vacuum Style Cleaners

Upright vacuum style cleaners usually look like the typical vacuum cleaner but they’re heavier.


This type of carpet cleaning equipment has a small detachable tank placed in the housing where the cleaning solution, clean water and dirty water are kept.


The machine works like a vacuum cleaner in that it moves back and forth across your carpet.


If this will be used for cleaning upholstery, the supplied attachment has to be connected.



Large Rolling Equipment

These large rolling machines are available in different sizes, including some as big as a regular vacuum cleaner to much bigger ones that are self-propelled.


Because of their size these machines have bigger tanks, so there are fewer refills to be made and they can cover more ground than a regular cleaning machine.


While some are designed for the home, large rolling carpet cleaners are often used in banquet halls, conference rooms and venues where large numbers of people gather.



Power Wands

Power wands are attachments for home carpet cleaning machines.


Small wands are meant to be used for furniture while the bigger ones are used with a rolling canister.


There are also special industry power wands designed for use on stained carpets that ordinary cleaners cannot remove.


Depending on the design, the wand may or may not have a cleaning solution attachment.


When you’re looking for carpet cleaning equipment you will come across portable commercial cleaners.


These are special types of carpet cleaners and may be in the form of walk-behind units, vacuum, or canisters.


The difference between these commercial units and their residential counterparts is the commercial ones have more features and the tanks are bigger, but they are more expensive.