air duct cleaning equipment

Types of Air Duct Cleaning Equipment


There are two major types of air duct cleaning equipment, and they are the Rotary Brush Air Duct Cleaning Systems and the Negative Air Duct Cleaning Systems.


These two are very different, and if you’re going to buy a cleaning system it’s imperative that you understand the difference between them.


Negative Air Duct Cleaning Systems

A negative air duct cleaning system uses a powerful vacuum with an air movement of around 3000 CFM that’s joined to the duct.


You run this equipment by cutting an access hole in the duct line and linking the vacuum.


If you do it right you’ll be able to block duct areas with bladders and produce a vacuum in specific sections.


It’s this vacuum that will suck the dust, debris and other particles in the machine.


Most of these machines also have an air compressor that facilitates the removal of dirt and dust.


Although there are different designs, the majority blow air and generate a tornado effect.


In addition, some manufacturers combine this system with the rotary brush to clean the ducts and remove all traces of dirt.


Because of their design, these systems are frequently used for industrial and commercial jobs.


A negative air duct cleaning system can be used for light commercial and residential homes, but it is impractical because it is too large.


For those cases, a rotary brush cleaning system is more apt.


Rotary Brush Cleaning Systems

This cleaning system uses a spinning brush to scrub ducts, and it comes with a vacuum for removing debris, dirt and dust that the brush is scrubbing off.


This air duct cleaning equipment is widely used in light commercial jobs and in residential homes because they have proven their efficiency.


A rotary brush cleaning system moreover, may be used in conjunction with the negative air method for heavier cleaning duties.


Usually the operator here doesn’t have to create an access in the duct, as all the operator has to do is place the vacuum and the brush in the duct using any of the ventilation openings.


Once inside, you push the vacuum and the spinning brush in the duct and vacuum the debris and dirt.


The rotary brush cleaning system is more suited for residential homes and if you need some heavy duty cleaning.


However, do keep in mind there are many types of rotary brush cleaning systems available.


If you’re interested in using one make sure you do some research first and learn if the specifications are suited to your needs.


A lot of these for instance, have the brush directly connected to the hose.


If you’re going to use a rotary brush method, make sure you understand how it works.


Finally, remember that air duct cleaning equipment is available online and you can make inquiries concerning the product.


If there are elements about it that you don’t understand or want clarification, then you can send the company an email and seek clarification.


You’ll also want to do some price comparison first so you don’t end up paying too much.