Kinds of Yeast Infection Home Test You Can Use

yeast infection home test

  Yeast infection is one of the most inconvenient conditions especially for women and babies.   Every effort should be made to eradicate this health problem and never allow it to take a foothold in your home.   That is why you need some information about how to use a yeast infection home test to … Read more

4 Symptoms of Oral Thrush You Need to Check

symptoms of oral thrush

  Thrush is caused by the candida fungus and mainly affects the mouth.   However, this fungus does not limit itself to the mouth because it can also infect other parts of the body.   This can cause vaginal yeast infections in women and diaper rash in children.   Although most of those who contract … Read more

5 Homeopathic Remedies for Yeast Infection You Can Try

homeopathic remedies for yeast infection

  Yeast infection is a very inconvenient condition which can cause vaginal itching, burning sensation when urinating, pain during sex and presence of white discharge.   This is usually caused by an infection of candida albicans.   This fungus is normally present in our oral and mucus membranes.   It is when they multiply in … Read more