Causes Of Pink Eye In Adults


Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis. The pink eye is caused when the conjunctiva(Thin and clear tissue that lines the inside part of the eye )is inflamed. Pinkeye can be caused by anumber of thing which include; Bacteria, viruses, some irritants such as the smoke dirt shampoos and pool chlorine., Allergies like pollen, dust or even people who wear contact lenses.


Pink eye can be spread from one person to the other especially if it was caused by bacteria or virus.Symptoms of the pink eye differ depending on what caused it. Here are some of the causes of pink eye in adults.



This kind of infection is called bacteria conjunctivitis which is mostly caused by contamination of the eye through various sources that have bacteria. These bacteria can be found through infected person, contaminated surfaces, infections of the ear and other means such as sinus.


This type of infection causes the eye to discharge thick eye fluids which can affect one or both eyes. This can be treated using antibiotics which normally takes it two to three weeks.


This is the most contagious pink eye infection it caused by a virus called Adenovirus.  The symptoms of Viral conjunctivitis include; watery discharge, photophobia and eye irritation.


This can only be diagnosed in the clinic. This virus is brought about by viruses that cause common cold. These kind of infection is treated by lubricants such as chilled artificial tears and cold compresses. It can also be treated by the use of antibiotics to prevent bacteria from spreading.



Irritants such as pollen, smoke, cosmetic ingredients, chlorine from the pool can cause pink eye. When the eye get into contact with this irritants it tries to fight against the allergens which are susceptible to other infections.


This kind of infection is not contagious but it makes one uncomfortable and the eyes feel itchy. This can be treated with antihistamine eye drops which help to alleviate the irritation for some time but as long as the allergens exist the symptoms will persist.



Sexually transmitted diseases

There are bacteria’s found in sexually transmitted diseases which can cause Gonococcal conjunctivitis also known as adult bacteria.  This kind of bacteria is carried around by STDS which can be really dangerous eye disorder.


Anybody who is sexually active is at high risk of getting this kind of infection. The risk of this kind of infection is that it can be spread by sharing items with an infected person.


Its causes dryness of the eye in adults and it can only be diagnosed by a physician. The physician can prescribe topical antibacterial ointment or inject you with antibiotic ceftriaxone.


Pink eye is scary but there is no need to call for alarm, a few simple precautions can be taken to avoid the infection. Anyone can get infected with pink eye but when the red color, itchy eye and watery eyes deteriorate it is always good to seek medical advice rather than to buy over the counter drugs.




Symptoms of pink eye in adults

Pink eye is an infection of the thin clear tissue that is over the white part of the eye known as Conjuctiva. This kind of infection is brought by viruses, bacteria and irritants like pools that contain chlorine, shampoos, dirt and smoke.


There are many ways one can identify a pink eye. Here are signs and symptoms of pink eye; Prolonged teary eyes- Mostly the affected eye can have a lot of tears to a point where it’s stuck-shut.


This is caused because the infectious causes start with a virus followed by  the bacteria. The virus infection can come with the symptoms similar to that of common cold.



Redness – the eyelids get swollen when one have a pink eye and this results in the eye becoming reddish in color. The red color usually disappears within two weeks of the treatment so there is no need to call for alarm.


The eyes will get itchy- when the eye becomes swollen and starts getting irritated it gets an itchy feeling but is advised not to scratch the eye. The eye could also be itchy because of the bacteria underlying under the eyelids and cause discomfort.


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Blurred vision–  this is a situation where the eye lacks sharpness, many eye conditions are known to cause blurred vision so, this is not knew when pink eye makes your vision blurry. Depending on the cause of the pink eye one can experience abnormalities like farsightedness and nearsightedness.



Yellow, white, green or clear discharge from the eye– the bacteria that causes pink eye makes the eyelids to swell and discharge something similar to pus. This is a clear proof that the eye have been affected by pyogenic bacteria.



Burning eyes – pink eye caused by the common cold bacteria can be very contagious. This bacterium can cause serious damage to the eye if it’s not treated.


This causes the eye to keep burning from time to time causing a lot of discomfort. More sensitivity to light- the eye may become too sensitive from sharp light. The eye is not able to tolerate sources of light like; fluorescent light, sunlight and other strong lights.



Crusting of the eyelids and lashes- bacterial infections mostly affect one eye and after some time it can show up in the other eye.  The eye starts to produce a lot of pus and mucus which may dry up and make the eyelids and lashes crusty. Avoid touching the discharge to stop yourself from spreading the virus. Pink eye can cause discomfort especially when it is itchy or burning. There are few home remedies that can be used to treat the eye.


These include Aloe Vera, Turmeric , Tulsi, Green tea, Neem oil and many more. There are also several ways the eye can be treated by the doctor using eye drops or antibiotics which take around seven days for the symptoms to fade away.


Pink eye can easily be identified with the above mentioned symptoms and the necessary actions taken to avoid infecting other people and spreading to the non-affected eye.



Treatment of pink eye in adults using home remedies and medicines

Pink eye is the reddish color in the eyes caused by various things such as the bacteria, viruses and other irritating substances.


This can cause one to be uncomfortable because most of the times the eyes feel itchy, become red in color and also can be swollen. Here are several ways to treat pink eye in adults:



There are different home remedies that can be used to treat pink eye this include.



Green tea – It is known to relieve inflammation and irritation caused by pink eye by fighting bacteria’s and common viral infections. Take a tea bag and make tea using hot water then remove the tea bag and allow it to cool for some time. After it has cooled place the teabag on top of the affected eye and leave it for at least 5 minutes.



Tulsi- also known as holy basil, it is well known for its magical healing power by soothing and protecting the eyes from environmental damage. Boil Tulsi leaves for a period of 10 minutes, then use the water to wash your eyes using a clean cotton pad and compress as the water is still warm.



Turmeric- this is a well-known type of herb that contains curcumin compounds which are very essential when dealing with pink eye problems. Turmeric can fight allergic conjunctivitis and suppress the allergen in the immune system. Put one tablespoon of crashed raw turmeric add 1/3 cup of water then boil and use  2-3 drops in day.



Aloe Vera- the best thing about Aloe Vera is that it is readily available in most parts of the world and it is also fairly inexpensive. Its known to contain antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal compounds. Simply take the Aloe Vera plant and cut it into two and use the drops from the aloe juice directly to your eyes two to three times a day.


Antiviral eye drops– this can be prescribed by an eye doctor. These drops are used to relieve symptoms of the pink eye.  This can also be bought over the counter and the directions on how to use it be directed by the physician. If the symptoms persist it’s always good to get the checked by a specialist.



Antibiotics– These are the most common medicines used to treat pink eye. Doctors recommend the use of antibiotics because they shorten the duration of the pink eye and prevent the infection from spreading further.  The choice of antibiotic is guided on the eye discharge and inflammation.



Always clean your hands after coming into contact with an infected person and wash often with antibacterial hand with soap to avoid spreading the virus. If you already have a pink eye avoid scratching your eyes as this can worsen the condition and spread, it to the other eye or to other people.


Avoid using the same drop dispenser for your infected eye and the one that is not infected. Also do not use swimming pools if your eyes are not fully recovered.