Eye Floaters – What You Need To Know


Eye floaters are gel-like substance found at the back of the eye known as the vitreous. Eye floaters are mostly caused by small flecks of protein which are known as collagen. As one ages the protein in the fibre which make the vitreous shrink and form little shreds that finally clump together.


Eye floaters look like small spots that tend to move through the eyes field of vision. They are mostly seen then the eyes are looking at something bright, but they don’t interfere with the sight. Large floaters tend to blur ones vision slightly. Should know when you have a floater because they usually move around the eye and always tend to disappear when you try to focus on them.



The floaters can be easily recognized because they either appear in grey or black dots in the eye, lines that appear to be squiggly in the eye, patterns that look like cobwebs and rings and finally some threadlike strands which seem to be knobby and are almost see-through. Here are ways to treat eye floaters.


There are few home remedies which are well known for getting rid of eye floaters.


  • Eating foods rich in antioxidants- food that have high levels of antioxidant compounds are well known in fighting radical damages which bring about eye floaters. These foods include kale, strawberries, oranges, blueberries and pomegranate.


  • Massage- while closing your eyes, massage your temples with a warm cloth gently or rub your hands together so that they can generate heat, then place them over the eyelids with the eyes closed.


  • Eating food that is rich in Taurine- foods that contain Taurine are well known in supporting healthy vision. These foods include; seafood and meat.


There are medicinal ways to treat eye floaters, this is done by specialists called ophthalmologist.


  • Laser procedure- this where the eye floater is observed keenly by the doctor and sees its movement and whether the brain is able to ignore it. If the brain is not able to ignore it the ophthalmologist can request for it to be removed through laser surgery.


  • Vitrectomy procedure- the eyes outer layer is opened, and three incisions are made through the inner part of the eyes wall. A tube to supply saline is then inserted during the procedure.


This procedure is mostly used to remove blood in the vitreous, any infection in the eye and inflammation.


Eye floaters are cobweb-like and can be easily treated by laser, where the treatment takes around 14-16 days.  The cornea is reshaped to the correct vision. Patients get there sight back after a few hours of operation and as the days goes by the vision becomes clearer.


Old age and diabetes have been related with eye floaters problem but the good thing is that they don’t hurt.Simple surgeries are done on patients by doctors where the patients can be treated as an outpatient then the doctor covers the eye to prevent from any infection. Patients are advised to take a ride home to avoid straining of the eye.



eye floaters


What Causes Eye Floaters


Eye floaters are perfectly normal and not frightening at all. They are those tiny shapes that you might see. At the time it seems like the vision is blurry but it is actually eye floaters.



They split in the back of the eye and become gel like material. The reason the vision becomes blurry is because eye floaters shadows the retina of the eye. This mostly occurs when light has hit your eye.


As mention, they are not harmful but they can be pretty annoying, therefore it is always good to know what causes them. Once you know the cause, you can always avoid it!

  • Eye disease

When affected with eye disease, it is real easy for the combined floaters to tear apart and start floating around. Eventually you will see them on your retina and it will cause you to scratch it. Once scratched your eye disease will get worse, so it is best to just close your eyes until they disappear.



  • Eye injury

When an eye gets injured, especially badly, all the molecules in the eye cell rush to do damage repair. Since everything in the eye is not functioning like it should, the eye floaters manage to break apart. This will need to be treated with medicine since there is already an injury present. Most times if the injury is bad, eye floaters would be rarely noticed since the eye is healing.



  • Eye tumors

Eye tumors are a very serious eye disorder, and needs medical attention right away! Eye floaters will start to come out and bother your vision. However, as the eye tumor gets treated there will be treatment for the eye floaters. At this time eye floaters would be extremely dangerous.



  • Torn Retina

Since the retina is the eye part that holds back eye floaters, once its damage everything is damaged. The retina is a very important aspect of the eye and should not be taken lightly. The eye floaters will have nothing holding them back and will start to wonder to the front of the eye.



  • Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is connected to you whether you have diabetes or not. It usually develops in the eye only if you are type 1 or 2 diabetic. It damages the blood vessels in the eye. Eye floaters will tear apart as well since the retina is becoming weaker due to the tearing of the blood vessels.



  • Retina detachment

As mentioned above about retina tear, this causes huge damage. The eye floaters will break apart and start to wonder to the front of the eye in a more spacious way.




With the information above, it is obvious that some eye floaters may be dangerous only when associated with harmful eye disorders.


Other than that, eye floaters are innocent and can be gone within a few minutes after closing your eyes. They are no harm, but it is always best to try and stay clear before they cause a lot of damage.




Home Remedies for Eye Floaters

If you complain about this problem to your doctor he may prescribe some eye drops that are formulated with omega fatty acids,


However, there are many natural treatments available which you can carry out at home in an easier way.


If you prefer to take a natural way,  there are some home remedies for eye floaters. Let’s review some of the home remedies for eyes floaters below:


Wear Sunglasses

Excessive UV radiation can have a bad effect on the eyes, bringing about a more rapid breakdown of the vitreous humor and a prior beginning of eye floaters. At the point when you are present in the sun for a long period, it is best to wear shades and stress your eyes less.



Eye Exercises

By doing eyes exercises like focusing activities and general pressure alleviation methodologies for your eyes can moderate the movement of eye floaters.


By rolling your eyes counterclockwise several times, and afterward doing this in turn around, can calm strain and worry in the eyes.


Taking Ginkgo Biloba

This herb is known to effectively build bloodstream, which is a compelling method for enhancing the nature of the vision.


Ginkgo Biloba is by and large taken by people experiencing glaucoma. Also, it is thought to be a proficient method for keeping away from or counteracting eye floaters.




Excessive body dehydration is frequently noted as an explanation behind the quick beginning of eye floaters.


By taking appropriate water quantity brings down general poison levels, which can be connected to the formation of eye floaters.



Increase The Intake Of Taurine Consumption

A major source Taurine is fish and meats such as shrimps or scallops.


It is believed to enhance vision, thus, by taking food rich in Taurine will enhance vision and reduce the risk of occurrence of eye floaters.


This method is one of the most effective as a home remedy for eye floaters.



Avoid Alcohol


Medical science has linked alcohol consumption with a generally poor vision health. To avoid the occurrence of Eye Floaters it is recommended that you limit your drinking to moderate levels.




Habitual smoking is essentially emptying toxins into the body, and a few people trust that abundance poisons will speed the damage of the vitreous humor.


To lower the odds for chances of getting eye floaters, cut the habit of excessive smoking!



Increase Intake Of Antioxidant Rich Food

Much the same as bilberries, there are numerous different herbs, fixings and sustenance things that contain large amounts of antioxidants.


Eating such nourishment is useful for curing eye floaters. A few of these foods are oranges, green verdant vegetables, and strawberries.


You can assume antioxidants are to a great degree valuable for abstaining from, counteracting or curing eye floaters.


Henceforth, we can classify antioxidants as the home remedy for eye floaters.