clean hardwood floor

Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors


Smart cleaning procedures and regular maintenance make caring for and cleaning hardwood floors an easy task to do.


Four basic procedures plus a set of “remedies” for soft-oiled finish hardwood floors will keep them looking great all the time.


Preventive Maintenance

Lessen the amount of dirt that’s tracked into the house by positioning mats outside as well as inside your home’s exterior doors.

Avoid damage on your floors during times of rainy or snowy weather from ice or water, respectively, by including an area for removal of boots.


Use floor protectors under all your furniture to prevent marks.


Use rugs in your home’s play areas to ensure that toys and other children’s play things don’t scratch your hardwood floors.


clean hardwood floor


Basic Care

Dust the hardwood floors first with a dusting agent-treated mop to pick up pet hair, dirt, and dust which might scratch the surface of the floors.


Use an electric broom or the floor-brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner.


Never use the beater bar attachment of your vacuum cleaner because this could scratch the finish of the floors.


Use electrostatic cloth or rags to do quick dusting.


Deeper Cleaning


Weekly mopping won’t remove grime, oil, and dirt that have accumulated over a long period.


Deep cleaning hardwood floors just before winter or during spring is recommended to give them a fresh start before a longer hiatus from mops and vacuum cleaners.


Use cleaning products specifically formulated for hardwood floors and dilute them strictly as per label instructions.


Saturate a large sponge in water, wring it until it’s almost dry and damp-mop your floors quickly to avoid standing water from staying on the floors for more than a few minutes.


If the label instruction requires rinsing with a water-dampened mop, do so. Otherwise, let the solution stay.


Any standing water is liable to damage surfaces of hardwood floors. Operate either an air-conditioner or the ceiling fan to hasten drying.



Removing Marks


If your hardwood floor’s finish is urethane, it means that any stains will remain on the surface and not seep through the wood.


If the stains penetrated through, your floors have a soft-oiled finish which more common in homes with floors that weren’t resealed or refinished.


Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the stains from hardwood floors with urethane finish.


Steel wool, harsh chemicals or sandpaper should never be used on surfaces with urethane finish since these can damage the finish permanently.


Hardwood floors with soft-oiled finishes should be stained after treatment and waxed and buffed at the stained spots.


If the stains are pet stains, rub the area with floor wax using a fine type of steel wool.


If the stains remain, apply vinegar or bleach, let it soak for an hour and then rinse the area with a damp rag.


For oil-based stains on hardwood floors which have soft-oiled finish, rub the spot first with a soft rag dipped in dishwashing liquid or detergent in order to break down grease.


Rinse with clean water.


Repeat the procedure until the stained spots disappear.


After the spots have dried, use fine sandpaper to smooth out the area.


For heel marks, rub in some floor wax on the affected areas using a fine type of steel wool.


Rub spots with white stains or water marks using No.000 type steel wool with a small amount of floor wax.


For cleaning hardwood floors with stains that go way deeper, use mineral spirit marked odorless and a fine type of steel wool after sanding the floor.



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