Difference Between Sanitize Vs Disinfect?

While most people know that you can opt to sanitize or disinfect your home, not so many people are aware of these two terms in particular. Basically, both of these terms are an alternative to the typical type of cleaning that takes place at home and comparing sanitize vs disinfect is important so that you can be informed when making the right choice.

Essentially, a sanitizer or disinfectant is used for killing bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. Most of the time people use both of these two terms interchangeably and not many of them will realize whether there is a difference between the two of them or not. Ideally, agents that are used for sanitization are different from those for disinfection and a look at sanitize vs disinfect will bring out these two differences clearly for an understanding.

One thing that you need to know about in order to strike the difference between them is to know how each one of them functions. Ideally, when talking about disinfecting, you should realize that this action normally involves the use of commercial products, such as heat or bleach in order to destroy or kill bacteria found on the surfaces.

On the other hand, agents used for sanitization are usually used in destroying germs on surfaces in order to make them sufficiently safe to be used. This is one of the key aspects that you should understand when looking at sanitize vs disinfect.

The Effectiveness Of Sanitize Vs Disinfect 

Another thing of interest between sanitization and disinfection is the variation depicted between these two as far as their level of effectiveness is concerned. Actually, it is known that sanitizers are capable of destroying even 99.99% of germs. However, to achieve such a high level of effectiveness, it is necessary to point out that you must use them properly, otherwise the level of their effectiveness will be lowered.

sanitizing and disinfecting

According to some experts, disinfectants are known to be much more superior compared to the sanitizers. This is because there are some types of pathogenic bacteria that can not be killed using the sanitizers. With this sanitize vs. disinfect comparison, you will understand that disinfectants are a much better alternative compared to sanitizers. 

Time Frame Of Action 

While sanitizers can work perfectly well in a span of about 30 seconds, disinfectants on the other hand work in a time frame of between 5 and 10 minutes. During this period, they are able to destroy most of the bacteria effectively. 


Before using sanitizing and disinfecting products, it is essential that the surfaces be cleaned first in order to achieve the best results. By cleaning with basic water and soap, dirt and grease will be removed and it will be easier to disinfect or sensitize the surface hence forth. 

Warning For Children

With both sanitize vs disinfect, you will realize that either of the products, have the ability to be harmful to children if ingested. So it is necessary to be cautious with your cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting products if you have young children and kids in your household.

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