pool cleaning equipment

Pool Cleaning Equipment Buying Guide


If you want your pool to remain clean, you’ll need to buy some pool cleaning equipment that will maintain or restore its original look.


The good news is there are a lot of pool cleaners available so you won’t have much difficulty finding one for your pool.


Manual pool cleaning tools include skimmers, vacuum units and scrub brushes, which are connected to a telescoping pole allowing you to reach the deepest sections of your pool.


A swimming pool vacuum is one of the more popular tools since it is easy to use.


You just put the unit in your pool and hold the hose end underwater and then you move the unit along the sides so it can suck in the debris.


A swimming vacuum pool is one of the more effective and economical tools you can use, and it’s a good choice if you prefer manual cleaning.


A pool skimmer on the other hand, is necessary if you’re cleaning your pool manually.


Consisting of a net set on a durable frame, it will catch the debris on the water surface before they end up in the bottom of your pool.


This is such an essential tool that some pool owners actually use it every day to prevent dirt buildup.


While looking for pool cleaning equipment, you might want to include a swimming pool brush as it can loosen up stubborn dirt that your vacuum cannot remove.


Automatic pool cleaning tools require you to set them up and put in the pool, but from there it operates on its own.


Various types of automatic pool cleaners are available, including suction side cleaners.


Suction side cleaners are devices hooked up to your pool’s filtration system water intake and it uses this to suck and gather debris.


You can also use a pressure side pool cleaner as it utilizes the pump’s power to speed up movement by the surface.


In addition there are robotic pool cleaners that will work automatically without needing to use the pool’s system.


Each of these automatic systems has benefits.


A suction side cleaner is the most economical and inexpensive compared to other automatic cleaning systems.


Because of this, it is the best option for pool owners with filters and pumps that are suitable for the task.


Pressure side cleaners meanwhile, are ideal for some because it doesn’t add any more pressure on the pool’s filter, making them perfect for pools that get plenty of debris.


Now if you’re looking for the most energy efficient available, then robotic cleaners is the best option.


These machines have motors and filters built in and they are very effective in removing particles and dirt on walls, steps, the pool floor and waterline.


The biggest disadvantage with robotic pool cleaning equipment is they are the most expensive.


However, the important thing is you have a lot of options, whether it is manual or automatic, and you just need to do some research to figure out the right one.