Panic Attack Treatment Without Medication

There are plenty of natural remedies and methods of calming and treating panic attacks. You may need to try a few methods to find the one or more that work best for you, but it’s important not to be discouraged if the first efforts don’t always work right away. As there is no known reason for panic attacks, it stands to reason treatments may vary, as well.




Exercise is proven again and again to aid in overall health in all areas. Again, finding what works for you. Many things need to be taken into consideration. Always consult your family doctor before starting any heavy exercise regime. Jogging, or running is good for stress and anxiety in many people. If you don’t want anything as strenuous, maybe a visit to the local gym to look into some classes. These could be spinning classes, aerobics or self-defense.




Yoga is known to be a calming and peaceful activity and this can be done at any time, in the comfort of your own home. You can easily and quickly find any level you need online for free, from beginner introduction to expert level. The best part about practicing yoga is you can do it when you feel a panic attack coming on or after you have experienced one, to help calm yourself.


Teas, Scents and Supplements


Many teas have calming properties in them, like green tea or camomile and may go a long way in helping you to calm yourself. Certain supplements may also help, in particular if you adhere to a strict diet where you may not get all the nutrients you may need. Iron, B12, There are natural supplements, as well, that you can find in health food stores.


Just Breathe


It sometime sounds like an obvious thing to say, but controlling your breathing makes an enormous difference. Breathing is a big part of yoga and you can learn from the controlled yoga breathing and incorporate that into your life when things start to get overwhelming. You can do this any time you need and no one will even notice. It’s a proven method to relieve stress, headaches and is very calming.




Talk to someone about it. Just sharing and talking about it can be very freeing. By sharing your burden, you may find out you are not alone and allow you to help someone else and allow them to share their calming methods with you.


Taking care of yourself may not cure or stop the panic attacks you experiences but it may help you cope with them more easily and allow you take control over them.