Does Vinegar Disinfect?

bottle of vinegar

The question does vinegar disinfect can be answered by looking at the various ways in which vinegar can be used as a disinfectant. First of all, the simple reason that vinegar is used as a preservation agent in pickles should leave you convinced that this product is actually a disinfectant. It’s disinfecting properties make it a good product for disinfecting. In fact, experts say that 5% vinegar has sufficient enough properties to destroy 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold and 80% of viruses. This should not leave you asking does vinegar disinfect but should tell you that it is indeed, quite an …

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Usage of Alcohol Wipes

alcohol wipes

Generally, these wipes with alcohol have been used for long when it comes to cleaning dirt, lint and dust that can harbor in electronic equipment. Typically, isopropyl alcohol is used for these purposes and most people refer to it as the rubbing alcohol. This is due to the fact that it is a rather gentle solvent. There are some critical aspects about alcohol wipes that you should know about as highlighted here below. Generally, when you are cleaning electronics using these alcohol based wipes, what you are doing is to sanitize them. As such, you can combat the spreading of …

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Difference Between Sanitize Vs Disinfect?

disinfection tools in sink

While most people know that you can opt to sanitize or disinfect your home, not so many people are aware of these two terms in particular. Basically, both of these terms are an alternative to the typical type of cleaning that takes place at home and comparing sanitize vs disinfect is important so that you can be informed when making the right choice. Essentially, a sanitizer or disinfectant is used for killing bacteria and viruses that can cause diseases. Most of the time people use both of these two terms interchangeably and not many of them will realize whether there …

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