Inner Ear Infection Symptoms in Adults Treatment


Inner ear infection may be one of the worst infections that could happen to anyone. At some points, the ear might actually go deaf and not even a whisper can be heard. When this occurs, it is best to seek medical attention before the ear infection would stay permanently.


However, if you are unsure if this is in fact inner ear infection, then it is best to check out the symptoms. There are many symptoms to determine if it is an infection or just a few minutes after swimming in a pool sort of thing.



Symptoms for Inner Ear Infection

  • Dizziness

Dizziness is a symptom for inner ear infections and not middle ear. The reason this occurs is because the person will get tired from not being able to hear in one ear. It seems like all the sounds around them should be focused on one ear and this gets exhausting.


  • Spinning Sensation

This is the same as dizziness, since before getting dizzy; you could feel as if everything around you is spinning. Thus once you feel like this, you will automatically get dizzy.



  • Vomiting

This occurs in server inner ear infections, because at times the pain will be too much to handle. Thus a headache will be developed, and the pain it will cause will be similar to a migraine. Therefore, at times people tend to vomit when they are faced with these symptoms.



  • Balance issues

Ears can affect the way your brain processes your surroundings. Since you are currently less sharp than you usually will be, your brain might become cloudy. This will indeed affect your motor skills. And cause you to lose balance, especially when you start to walk.



  • Loss of hearing in an ear

Inner ear infection mostly affects how you listen. Eventually the ear that is infected will lose the ability to hear until it gets healed. This causes your body to be dependent on one ear for hearing instead of both.




  • Over the counter medicine

Symptoms similar to dizziness, vomiting and spinning sensation can be treated fast with medicine. You can take Advil, Tylenol and other antibiotics of these kinds. They will help relieve the pain and at times stop the vomiting or spinning that is going on inside the head. It is very important to treat one symptom at a time so you can later feel a bit relaxed knowing some parts of the symptoms are gone.



  • Prescription Medication

Seeking medical attention may be best if you are feeling all these symptoms are once. A professional will be able to prescribe you with the best type of medicine to help make you feel better in a matter of hours or days.



  • Home remedies

Home medicine may not be able to fully cure your infection but it will help make you feel better until your ear heals itself. Use techniques to lower your stress level since being stressed out causes most of the human body sicknesses. You can keep a warm bag on your throat or drinking warm ginger to help open up your nasals, that later can open up your ears.