mouth yeast infection symptoms

Mouth Yeast Infection Symptoms You Need to Check


You may not know it but right now, you are harboring one of the deadliest fungi that has plagued man since time immemorial.


This fungus is called Candida albicans and it causes yeast infection in young and old people alike.


It is naturally occurring in all of us and is present in our mouth and digestive tract.


Normally, this fungus will not cause us any health problems.


But when there is an overgrowth, that’s when your health problems start.


Therefore it is important that you learn about mouth yeast infection symptoms so you can control the problem at once.



Discomfort and Pain in the Mouth

If you are always feeling some discomfort accompanied by pain in your mouth that is a sign that mouth yeast infection is developing.


These sensations are usually mild; therefore you need to be cautious not to treat it lightly. As a result of these symptoms, you may also lose your appetite.



Lesions in the Mouth

One of the most common mouth yeast infection symptoms is the presence of white lesions in the mouth.


This is called oral thrush where white and creamy skin lesions will appear.


These lesions look similar to cottage cheese and they usually show up in the tongue, gums, inner cheeks and the roof of the mouth.


If you scrape these lesions, red patches of skin underneath them will be exposed.


If you persist in doing this, the skin may break and it will start to bleed. And if you will not treat it, the infection may spread and cover your whole mouth.



Mouth with Cracked Corners

If the corners of your mouth begin to crack, it is another sign of mouth yeast infection.


This can make opening and closing your mouth very uncomfortable.


As a result it will be very difficult for you to eat and more so in brushing your teeth.


Again, the immediate result is that you will lose your desire to eat.


However, if you apply the right anti-fungal medication, this condition will readily subside.



Loss of Taste

Losing your sense of taste is also one of the mouth yeast infection symptoms that you should be aware of.


This is another reason why you will lose your appetite for any kind of food.


In some patients, a cottony taste or sensation will be felt, which can be very unpleasant.


From the aforementioned symptoms it is clear that yeast infection does not only affect your mouth, but more importantly your overall health.


Losing your appetite because of the pain and uncomfortable feeling in the mouth will cause you not to eat the normal amount of food you partake every day.


This will eventually lead to more health problems.


There are medical studies that show how these mouth yeast infection symptoms can be prevented from even showing up.


This is by not taking too much antibiotics and steroids.