yeast infection home test

Kinds of Yeast Infection Home Test You Can Use


Yeast infection is one of the most inconvenient conditions especially for women and babies.


Every effort should be made to eradicate this health problem and never allow it to take a foothold in your home.


That is why you need some information about how to use a yeast infection home test to protect your family from it.


Remember, although it is the women and young children that are usually infected, it certainly is not limited to them.


All members of the family are susceptible as well.


1. Smell Test

This is the simplest and the cheapest yeast infection home test you can perform.  It does not involve any cost whatsoever, but just the use of your sense of smell. Body odor is one sure sign of yeast infection. Therefore, if any member of your family has bad breath, bad smelling feet, bad smelling armpits and generally bad body odor, he could have yeast infection. It may not necessarily mean an infection per se, but it may be the start of it.



2. Itch Test

You can perform this test by assessing your body for two days. In this test, you need to be aware of any itch that you may feel in any part of your body. Be aware of the itchiness that you will feel in your scalp, your eyes, your feet, especially the toes, and in any of your body parts. In this test, you will prevent yourself from being so used to scratching every itchy part of your body. You need to be aware of these parts that itch because if they are constant and persisting, it is a sign that you may have yeast infection.



3. Saliva Test

This yeast infection home test is effective for those with chronic infection. Upon waking up in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, get a clear glass of water and work up a good amount of your saliva and spit it on the glass of water. Observe what happens to the water every 15 minutes and do this for one hour. If you have yeast infection, you will notice strings of your saliva on the top surface of water sliding down to the bottom of the glass. There will also be some cloudy specks suspended in the middle of the glass of water. But for this test to be successful, you should really not eat anything prior to doing it.



4. The Desire Test

This yeast infection home test requires you to be aware of what you would like to eat, how often and when you like to eat it. Based on studies, there is usually overgrowth of fungi in the digestive tract of a person who loves to eat sweets and foods that are generally on the sweet side. You will know if you overly desire sweets if after every meal, you want to eat something sweet, like ice cream, a bar of chocolate, or even a sweet candy. You should know that it is not only your appetite you are feeding but the fungi colony that causes your yeast infection.