Is Alcohol A Good Disinfectant?

In modern day times, most people have become overly concerned with the issue of curbing the spread of diseases and germs. In addition to use simple strategies to achieve this such as soap, there has been an introduction of a wide range of disinfectants on the market today.

Alcohol as a disinfectant has so many uses, most of which people might not be aware of, perhaps due to the fact that they are used to the common disinfectants.

Alcohol is largely used to disinfect equipment in hospitals, doctor and dental offices, bathrooms, and kitchens alongside other areas. In fact, alcohol is actually regarded as a disinfectant that is meant for all purposes which can effectively kill bacteria and germs. It is quite a good alternative to the various cleaners that are chemical based and the best thing is that it is also inexpensive at the same time. 

Disinfecting Surfaces 

One of the roles of alcohol as a disinfectant is that it is used in cleaning or the disinfection of surfaces. In this case, alcohol is mixed in water and then sprayed on the intended surface. You can spray this mixture on sinks, counter tops, toilets, shower surfaces, and even kitchen appliances. Then, just use a damp cloth to wipe off and clean the surfaces. In addition, you can disinfect your upholstery and carpets with alcohol.

Floor Disinfection 

 Alcohol as a disinfectant is used to disinfect floors at both residential and commercial buildings. In this case, alcohol is to be mixed with water in a bucket and use a mop to clean the entire floor. This helps in removal of germs that can not easily be eradicated by merely cleaning with soap and water. This process should be carried out repeatedly for the best results. 

Skin Disinfection 

Doctors use alcohol as a disinfectant in hospitals to disinfect the skin of the patient before giving injections. In this regard, you are required to moisten a cotton ball using rubbing alcohol and then the injection site is rubbed. A few minutes should be allowed to pass so that the germs are killed before administration of the shot. This is essential in that it allows the patient not to get infected from other diseases due to the bacteria and germs that harbor on the skin. 

Salon Equipment Disinfection 

Still, alcohol as a disinfectant has other uses; in the salon, where it is used to disinfect the equipment. These include equipment used at a typical salon like scissors and plastic combs. They should be shocked in the alcohol solution for sometime so that the germs can be destroyed and to avoid infections being passed on from one person to another. 

Tips When Using Alcohol As A Disinfectant 

While most people are tempted to use pure alcohol during disinfection, the truth is that a mixture of alcohol and water is more effective as it is able to penetrate more and kill all the germs. using alcohol as a disinfectant on wounds is not recommended as it can be quite painful and damage the tissues.