How To Stop Eczema Itching In Adults


Eczema is a well-known skin disease that has caused a lot of heartache and pain in many children and adults.


The effects of eczema on adults is especially hard. The disease comes with a lot of embarrassment and some adults may even withdraw from their social life as a result.



The disease which is characterized by dry, itchy inflamed and bloody skin can be inhibiting of your daily life activities.


The itching is the worst part. When a person suffering from the disease scratches themselves they break open the skin. This open skin is the cause of the wounds that follow.


These wounds can be unsightly to have. The only way to deal with them is by reducing the itching.



eczema itching in adults



We have a few options that can be used to reduce the urge to tear at the skin. You may need to come up with a routine to ensure you are not left in a situation where the scratching becomes super intense. Here are a few remedies for the intense itching.





  1. Reduce the temperature of your shower.

You can get improved results by just reducing the amount of heat in the shower. You should only shower at cool temperatures or lukewarm water in winter. Do not take showers that are longer than 10 minutes.



  1. No shower gels or body wash.

These shower products are full of chemicals that will dry out your skin further and mess with the balance of your skin cells.


This will in turn cause you to get drier and therefore itchier. Try using less of these products or use ones that are made specifically from organic materials.



  1. Apply tropical creams.

The most obvious and most practical route to follow when you feel an itch come on is to apply tropical creams to the affected area. You should however be careful to not become dependent on the cream or form a resistance to it. Only apply the cream when the itch gets too bad to ignore.


Steroid creams work very fast and give instant relief but will have long term side effects. They are often followed by weeks of pain on the skin. It would be better to use organic itch busters such as Aloe Vera gel.


Puriya Cream For Eczema


The puriya cream is a perfect choice for eczema related skin issues. However, if you are allergic to chamomile (or related plants like ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, or daisies), peppermint oil, or tangerine oil, do not purchase this particular product. It comes with a 180 day money back guarantee.  It is free of harmful chemicals using no artificial fragrances or colors.


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  1. Control the humidity in your home.

You cannot control the weather outside your home and it will switch up from cool to hot as it pleases. You can however increase the humidity by the use of a humidifier and reduce it by the use of a dehumidifier. This way you can always have the optimum humidity in your home.



  1. Take a deep breath.

It is interesting that some of the main triggers for eczema are stress and high tension. If you want to have less itching then take a deep breath and do not stress out over any situation. Stress hormones are known to increase inflammation. This inflammation makes the eczema worse.