How To Clean Dirty Cement Basement Floors

Basements often feature cement flooring as this material is not only heavy-duty, but can be customized in many unique patterns and colors. However, if not maintained, a cement basement floor can create some problems, some of which can be extremely harmful to your health.

In this article, you’ll find more information as to the numerous problems dirty cement basement floors can cause and a simple cleaning routine you can use to ensure it stays durable.

The Problems Dirty Cement Basement Floors Can Cause

Dirty cement floors aren’t only unsightly, but can lead to some surprising problems. One common issue is moisture. Because of their chemical composition, cement floors are susceptible to moisture which can lead to the development of toxic mildew.

In addition to this, if not cleaned or sealed every so often, a cement floor can start to crack which can cause severe foundational issues for the space it’s located in.

Tools Needed for Cleaning a Filthy Cement Basement Floor

Cleaning a dirty cement basement floor is easy to do, but is a bit time-consuming. However, using the right tools for the job can help to make this process go by faster. A few utensils that you’ll want to have on hand for the job include a broom, mop, clean bucket, water, and bleach.

Tips for Cleaning a Dirty Cement Basement Floor

  1. Sweep the Floor

The first step to cleaning a dirty cement basement floor is to brush it off with a broom. This will remove thick dirt spots on the floor that might otherwise get stuck in the mop head.

2. Mix the Water and Bleach in the Bucket

Once you have swept the floor, you’ll want to grab the bucket and mix about one part bleach for every ten parts water in it. Then, take the mop, plunge it into the liquid, and then start washing the basement floor with it. You’ll want to make sure to go over the flooring a few times and reach the best you can into corners and crevices – some of the most problematic areas.

3. Wait for the Mixture to Dry

After wiping the floor down, give it a few minutes to dry. You can then go back over the cement again with the water/bleach solution or leave it alone. If you feel that you might have missed small spots, such as where the cement floor meets the wall, you can put the solution into a spray bottle and squirt it on that area.

The bleach will not ruin the aesthetics of the cement but will instead sanitize the floor and create a protective layer over it. However, sometimes this solution has a very strong aroma so it would be ideal to open windows or plug in a fan after cleaning the floor with it.

4. Wash the Floor with Soap and Water

After the bleach mixture has dried, clean out the bucket and fill it up with a few drops of soap and hot water. Once you do so, stir it around and then scrub the basement floor down with it. You ideally should continue this process until all residue is completely removed from the cement floor. One way to tell this is by checking the water in the bucket. If it looks dirty, you need to continue wiping down the floor until it’s clear. Keep in mind you might need to change out the water a few times during this process.

If you’re on the search for a way to clean your dirty cement basement floor, definitely consider the tips listed above. They’ll not only help you to quickly clean and sanitize the floor, but prevent harmful mold and cracks from forming.

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