How to Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over

Baseboards add a nice finishing touch to walls and also serve a purpose: they add some support in protecting the drywall. Therefore, they are everywhere. However, they are constantly getting covered in dust on their ledges, scuffed up and dirty. Shoes, vacuums and pets typically bump into them from time to time and leave a mess.

Baseboards are always easily forgotten about in a cleaning regimen, as there are so many other things to clean in your home. Also, bending over for a long period of time to clean the baseboards that are almost level with the floor can really place a strain on your back and can be exhausting. For this reason, many opt to ignore them. However, there are a few methods to take into consideration that may help you to easily clean your home’s baseboards without bending over at all.

It is also difficult for older people or those with back problems to be bending over all of the time to get all of the nasty grime off of the baseboards. Using a vacuum cleaner, Swiffer broom, mop, or a makeshift device is an excellent way to get those baseboards clean!

Vacuum the Baseboards

Using the upholstery attachment brush that comes with your standard vacuum, you can brush the baseboards to loosen and then capture filth and dust. With the long wand attachment, you can remain standing up and then vacuum your baseboards without even bending over. All that you need to do is use the attachments to walk along the baseboards and suction the length of them. Be sure to pay extra attention the small area where the trim of the baseboard comes into contact with the floor. It should be noted that a duster can to also free up any dirt or debris for you to simply sweep up.

Swiffer the Baseboards

Those handy little Swiffers are great in a pinch, but can also be extremely effective in wiping down baseboards due to their shape. All that you need to do is grab a new pad, attach it to the Swiffer, and then make long, sweeping strokes across the tops of your baseboards. You may need to vacuum up some of the dirt and dust that falls off onto the ground.

Sweep the Baseboards

Using a broom, all that you really need to do is to sweep along the tops and sides of the baseboards, being sure to pay attention to small crevices to release any dust or dirt that is caked on the boards. Then, collect all of the dirt in a dustpan and dispose of the dirt accordingly.

Mop the Baseboards

Using a mop, one can further clean baseboards that have already been dusted, swept, or vacuumed. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and mix in a cleaning solution that is gentle. Mix up this solution thoroughly until it is bubbly and soapy. Using a mop with a long handle, dip the mop into the solution and then wring it out to make sure you are not saturating and ruining your baseboards. Getting the wood too wet could result in the wood swelling and this would be damaging to them.

Wipe the baseboards with the damp mop and then allow them to dry naturally. This should remove dirt and scuff marks incurred by things bumping into your baseboards over time.

Get Creative

If you prefer to actually wipe down the baseboards, especially to remove scuff marks, you can attach a washcloth or a rag moistened with soap and water to the end of a mop or broom and then wipe the baseboards clean. Some individuals prefer to use a microfiber cloth as it is said that microfiber is the most efficient in removing grime and grease. To attach the cloth or rag, you can use a rubber band or a zip tie. Also, you can consider even attaching the cloth to a yardstick.

Be sure to routinely clean your baseboards every so often as dust will accumulate on them over and over. Now that you see that cleaning them can be pretty effortless, you do not have an excuse to neglect your baseboards any longer! Get cleaning!

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