home remedies for pink eye in adults

Home Remedies For Pink Eye In Adults


Finding the best home remedies for pink eye in adults is a crucial thing to take into consideration.


Sure, pink eye can be just an uncomfortable infection for a lot of people, but it can get worse.


There are different types of pink eye that vary in severity.


Some are extremely complex, others not so much.


Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis have similar symptoms, so finding the right drops or creams can be a priority.


But there are some home remedies that you can take into consideration, so here are some of the best ideas you can check out right now.


What is pink eye?


Which are its symptoms?


This is an eye infection that tends to cause a whitish drainage, tearing, swelling or redness.


It’s also contagious, and it can transfer between 2 or more persons very fast.


That being said, viral conjunctivitis can cause pink eye, and it doesn’t require any treatment at all usually.


When it comes to symptoms, you will feel a sensation of tearing, redness, swelling, a yellow-green discharge, mild pain or even a burning sensation.


However, there are some other viruses aside from the adenovirus, such as poxvirus, HIV, herpes simples or picornavirus that can cause this infection.


Once you identify the issue, you need to make sure that you opt for the best pink eye remedy as fast as possible.


What you can do here is to ensure that you use the right home remedies to treat it fast.


Sure, you could wait for it to disappear, but that won’t happen all the time.


Colloidal silver is that it will pick the infected cells and they will be attacks electromagnetically.


Once that is done, they are sent into the bloodstream, and this will lead to elimination.


This works very well regardless of what caused the infection in the first place.


Neem oil is great at relieving the irritating skin, mostly because it has gentle and soothing properties.


Using it is as simple as wiping it around the eyelid and the eye as well.


Turmeric is known for its great healing properties.


Create a combination of turmeric powder and water, then add a bit of that mixture on your closed eyes.


You could use that in the form of a warm compress to get the best results.


Aloe vera gel can be great too.


In order to use it, you just have to apply the gel directly to your eyes and way.


This is one of the best home remedies for pink eye in adults, and it does offer a very good set of results pretty fast.


Green tea manages to relieve inflammation or irritation.


All you need is to keep the tea bag in the boiled water and then put it on the infected eye.


You can also use a warm compress with this type of tea as well.


Tulsi’s healing power is outstanding.


All you need is to soak the tulsi leaves in water for around 8-10 min.


Once that is done, that water can be used to wash your eyes.


These are all great home remedies for pink eye in adults.


Using them adequately is a priority here, but they can provide you with a stellar value and outstanding results.


Plus, there are no chemicals involved and no side effects.


So, if you are an adult and you are dealing with pink eye, any of these natural treatments should help you eliminate it in just a few days or less!