Five Essential Window Cleaning Supplies

The windows are parts of the house that easily get dirty due to the rain, sun, and bugs that fly about so you’ll need the best window cleaning supplies to ensure that they are always clear and beautiful. Discussed below are the five essential cleaning supplies that you will need on a regular basis. Of course there are some more complicated supplies and window cleaning tools but these are the ones that you will most likely use the most.

1.Window Cleaner Solution

This one can get a bit complicated because there are a lot of different cleaner solutions. Some are designed to leave absolutely no streaks on the glass, others are aerosol cleaners, and then there are those that come in glass bottle sprays. What’s important is the cleaning solution – it has to be a potent antibacterial solution that will not only clean your window but kill all the germs and bacteria clinging onto its surface.

2. Sponge

A sponge is used to get rid of the dirt on your windows. You’ll want a double sided sponge that can really scrub off the tougher dirt materials without scratching the surface of your glass window. Some sponges are designed just to help put more soap and cleaning solution to get rid of germs and bacteria. Sponges come in all shapes and sizes so you might just want to focus on one that fits perfectly in your hands.

3. Microfiber Glass Wipes

Glass wipes are used to clean down your windows without leaving streaks on the surface. They are very important for commercial spaces with large windows such as skyscrapers and large office buildings. You’ll want the window to look pristine and clear so it is very important to get rid of all those white and grey streaks.

4. Squeegee

A squeegee is one of the last window cleaning supplies that you will need. This is required to soak up all the last drops of water on the surface after you’ve rinsed the window down of soap. This is important because if there are still droplets of water left on the surface they can become hard water residue that can eventually lead to holes and cracks on the window surface as well as leave some nasty stains.

5. Glass Polisher

Window glass polishers are used to keep a glass window sparkly and shiny. A clean glass window is one that is perfectly transparent and the only indication one should get that there is a window is when the light slightly bends and reflects on its surface. To achieve that perfect shine you will need a good glass polisher and luckily they aren’t entirely hard to come by, especially if you shop online.

These are the five important and most commonly used cleaning supplies for windows. Whether you are going to clean the small windows at home or you need to buy several dozens to clean commercial buildings, these are the essentials that you will need. There are newer window cleaning supplies in the market but these are the five that you will always need for every window cleaning job.

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