Does Vinegar Disinfect?

The question does vinegar disinfect can be answered by looking at the various ways in which vinegar can be used as a disinfectant. First of all, the simple reason that vinegar is used as a preservation agent in pickles should leave you convinced that this product is actually a disinfectant. It’s disinfecting properties make it a good product for disinfecting.

In fact, experts say that 5% vinegar has sufficient enough properties to destroy 99% of bacteria, 82% of mold and 80% of viruses. This should not leave you asking does vinegar disinfect but should tell you that it is indeed, quite an effective disinfectant. With that said, let’s leave it to rest that does vinegar really kill germs is effectively true, yes it does. This explains why it is one of the common household products that can clean surfaces prone to infections such as toilets, floors, sinks and kitchen stores.

vinegar bottle with lemons

Using Vinegar To Disinfect The Toilet Bowl

One of the prime uses of vinegar as a disinfectant is being able to disinfect a toilet bowl. You only need to pour the liquid into the bowl of your toilet while taking a toilet bowl cleaning brush to swish it around making sure to get the entire bowl. Then, let it sit for about 30 minutes after which flushing should be done. This comes with the benefit of both disinfecting the bowl as well as deodorizing it. If you can scrub the bowl then let the vinegar stay in the bowl over night, you will get the best results and feel good to be able to stop wondering does vinegar disinfect. A tip for you is to use vinegar together with hot water as a way of breaking clots in the bowl. Then, continue a weekly vinegar disinfecting routine to ensure that your toilet stays disinfected.

Bathroom Disinfection

disinfection of sink in bathroom

Another key use of vinegar is disinfecting not only just the toilet but the entire bathroom as well. In this case, you need to spray distilled full strength vinegar in your bathroom which in turn kills germs that harbor around. You can use a clean cloth after you spray the vinegar to wipe off bathroom surfaces and it will remain pretty clean.

Kitchen Disinfection

clean kitchen

Another way that you can eliminate the doubts of does vinegar disinfect is being informed that this product is increasingly being used as a kitchen cleaner for disinfection purposes. Being a very sensitive part of the house, the place where you cook food, the kitchen must be kept very clean and strong disinfection solutions like vinegar should be certainly be used.

Thankfully, this is easily done by mixing vinegar with water then adding the mixture to a mop bucket, spray bottle, or clean cloth. Then you can use all three to clean out your cabinets, oven, kitchen drawers and every other area including the kitchen floors. For instance, in using a clean cloth, you can soak it with your mixture of vinegar and water then use it for cleaning the counter-tops of your kitchen. For best results, you may warm the vinegar and water mixture in the microwave oven. The mixture should provide you with the feeling of comfort as you are able to make your whole kitchen clean eliminating germs that may contaminate food.