Disinfecting a Toothbrush

By now, almost everyone knows that changing your toothbrush is recommended after 3 months. However, does this mean that you should use your toothbrush continuously for all this time?

Well, one thing you will note is that toothbrushes are forever exposed to bad bacteria that harbor in the bathroom. For this reason, to use the best way to disinfect a toothbrush is not optional but actually very essential.

Thankfully, there are various sterilizers and sanitizers that can assist in disinfecting your toothbrush and making it quite safe for use. 

Know Your Options

There are several options to disinfect a toothbrush and it is essential that you consider one that is effective and quick to use. 

To start, you can disinfect your toothbrush in your microwave. You only need to make toothbrush bristles wet and insert the toothbrush in the microwave. The high degree temperatures are quite effective in killing the germs and bacteria.

You next option of disinfecting a toothbrush requires that you use hydrogen peroxide. In this case, you just need to soak your toothbrush bristles in a solution of hydrogen peroxide for several minutes.Then, use hot water to rinse the toothbrush thoroughly.

Listerine is also commonly used to disinfect toothbrush and in this case, you are required to soak the bristles of your toothbrush in Listerine for a few minutes and then use hot water to rinse them thoroughly.

Lastly, you can use the dishwasher for disinfecting your toothbrush. 

Ultraviolet Light 

Still, the market is a hub of many types of sanitizers for toothbrushes such as tablets or UV sanitizers. You will find different devices and methods that you can use to sanitize toothbrush and their wide selection means that you can find an option to disinfect toothbrush at your affordable price range.

According to various studies done in the past, UV light has been found to be quite effective as far as killing germs which harbor in toothbrush is concerned.

This encompasses viruses, yeasts and bacteria. The ultraviolet is designed in a way that it can kill and eliminate bacteria and germs which can make you suffer from a range of many other illnesses. To use this option, just place your toothbrush at the uniquely designated hole after and before brushing. After you press the start button, the head should be let to remain there for as many as 8 minutes or more. The system will disinfect and clean your toothbrush in an easy way. 

Other Options To Disinfect Toothbrush 

There are still many other options that you can use to disinfect your toothbrush, like using the drop tablets which should be done a few times in a week. These ones are quite effective in killing even 99 percent of the bacterial and germs found in a toothbrush head. You only need to drop one tablet in hot water and then use it for sanitizing your toothbrush.

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