Create Your Own Antiseptic Wipes

Topical antiseptics are useful when hand washing is not an option. When you are out of the house and have no access to clean water and soap, it’s good to know you have an alternative. Antiseptic wipes contain chemicals that kill bacteria and viruses. These chemicals may be alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or chlorhexidine. For most people, the easiest way to get hold of sanitary wipes is to buy them. But that isn’t the only option.

Make Your Own Antiseptic Wipes Using Paper Towel

If you have a roll of firm paper towels at home, you can use it to make sanitary wipes. First, make sure it does not turn to mush when wet. Prepare a clean airtight plastic container. Cut paper towel sheets, making sure the sizes fit inside the container. Set this aside while preparing the antiseptic solution.

To prepare the solution, mix two and a half cups of hot water and add an antiseptic or antibacterial solution (rubbing alcohol will do). Slowly pour this solution onto the paper towel sheets. Just pour enough of the antiseptic solution to wet all the sheets in the plastic container. Don’t drench them. Put the cover on and store this kit for future use. You now have improvised antiseptic wipes. Take them with you on your trips as handy first aid antiseptic wipes.

How about Moisturizing Wipes?

Alcohol may cause excessive skin dryness in some people. Some moisturizer should reduce the drying effects of alcohol. Thus adding moisturizer in the antiseptic solution should help. Still applying the procedure above, add a cup of lotion or moisturizer into the antiseptic solution. Stir the solution. When evenly blended, pour it over the paper towels in the container. Don’t soak the sheets. Voila! You now have moisturizing antiseptic wipes.

Make Sanitary Wipes for Your Baby too

A baby’s skin is much more sensitive than an adult’s skin. For new moms out there, it does not hurt a bit to improvise baby wipes that are hypoallergenic. Hands-on moms out there know the importance of having a good supply of baby wipes. Babies pee and poo every now and then and a pack of sanitary wipes for babies will last for only a day, two if you are lucky.

Don’t worry. It’s easy to make safe baby wipes. Things needed are napkins or paper towels (make sure they are firm enough to not turn mushy when wet), mild antiseptic (one formulated for babies), baby wash, and warm water. As a precaution, use hypoallergenic ingredients. Mix the ingredients gently. Dip each napkin into the mixture and lay it on the plastic container. Do the same for other napkins.

Make as many sets as you can. A single container of sanitary baby wipes may last for a day only. To make sure whether the improvised wipes are safe, try daubing one on your baby’s arm. If a rash occurs, don’t use the wipes anymore.

Storing the DIY Sanitary Wipes

Label the containers for easy identification and store them in a clean place. Make sure to refill containers as soon as you run out of antiseptic wipes. Moms with newborns will have to make antiseptic wipes every day.

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