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Cleaning Your Toilet with the Right Toilet Cleaning Products


Using the right toilet cleaning products not only saves you energy and time in cleaning your bathroom toilet but prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading.


It may be a disgusting household chore and quite messy, especially when the toilet is used by a person with “explosive” diarrhea, but there’s also a right way to clean a toilet.


The First Steps in Cleaning a Toilet Bowl

Remove any items around the toilet to prevent any splashing of cleaning product or toilet water outside of it.


Remove anything on the toilet tank’s top to avoid dropping anything into the toilet bowl during the cleaning process.


Remember to put down the toilet lid before flushing to avoid spraying or splashing of water in the toilet bowl.


Apply gel, liquid or powdered cleanser as close as possible to the rim of the toilet to avoid diluting the cleanser.


Clean the exterior of the toilet by starting at its top to avoid dripping on surfaces which have already been cleaned.


Spray and wipe down the toilet tank, handle, and the edges of the tank with the cleanser.


Clean the toilet’s outside lid next before wiping down the entire toilet bowl.


Clean the front and sides before the bottom edges where the toilet meets the bathroom floor.


Four Steps to Clean the Toilet Seat and Its Toilet Bowl

Raise the toilet seat and spray it with the cleanser.


Do the same to the toilet’s rim and inside lid.


Wipe down the toilet seat and its hinges at the back.


Note that the hinges of some toilets sometimes pop open to allow better cleaning access.


Clean the toilet bowl starting from its top and then all the way down.


Always scrub under the toilet’s rim first and look under it to scrub away all grime and stains.


Scrub the toilet bowl and the hole at the toilet’s bottom before flushing the toilet.


Remember to put down the lid before flushing.


Wipe up drips of the toilet cleaning products or any water spills that may have occurred while you were cleaning.


Safety and Cleaning Tips

Always put down the toilet seat’s lid before flushing to ensure that there is no splashing or splattering of water from the toilet bowl.


Wear protective gloves to avoid contact with the cleaner.


Have goggles or glasses on when cleaning the toilet to prevent harming the eyes in case some of the cleanser or toilet water splatters.


Never use a sponge when scrubbing toilets because they are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.


Use disposable paper towels or reusable cloth and rags.


Wash the latter immediately with bleach and hot water.


Use powder cleansers if your toilet bowl has stains of water deposit or rust to scrub it thoroughly but without scratching it.


Scratched toilet surfaces promote future staining to develop more easily.


Brushes with their bristles attached to wires can be damaging to toilets.


Use a brush that’s all-plastic with plastic bristles as well.