Using Antibacterial Spray In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a significant room at every household considering that it is the point where meals are prepared. It is not a secret that the kitchen can be the dirtiest room as well especially where the family is not keen on cleaning standards. Using antibacterial spray in the kitchen is very important as it ensures that the highest cleaning and hygiene standards are observed. This can go a long way in preventing food poisoning and outbreak of diseases that can be triggered by the dirt. Bacteria can thrive in so many places at the kitchen starting from kitchen towels, brushes, and dish …

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Disinfecting Granite Countertops

Countertops made of granite may look smooth, but they are actually porous, just like most natural stone countertops. There is really nothing wrong with porous surfaces except that they easily get stained. The microscopic pores also serve as favorable spots for bacteria and fungi. Hence, disinfecting granite countertops is a must. When cleaning and sanitizing granite surfaces, don’t use acids and harsh chemicals, so vinegar is out of the question. But there are still cheap options for thrifty homeowners. Here’s the Solution Cleaning and disinfecting granite countertops doesn’t have to be expensive. There is no need for commercial cleaning solutions. Fill a spray …

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