Does Iodine Disinfectant Work?

iodine disinfectant

It is important to note that even water that appears very clean and clear actually contains lots of microorganisms that can be very harmful and dangerous to your health. This is the kind of water that you might be tempted to use especially when traveling to new areas or in the woods camping. It is even recommended that tap water should also be treated especially when being used for drinking regardless of how clean it appears.   Since you can not always carry water from your home when traveling, carrying iodine disinfectant is quite convenient and it assures you that you will be …

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10 Advantages of UV Disinfection

While most people are aware of using chlorine as a way to disinfect water, not many realize that you can also use UV disinfection to get rid of harmful germs in your drinking water. In fact, according to most experts using a UV disinfection unit is far more effective than chlorine. Here are the advantages of using UV light to disinfect: 1. Using UV for disinfection doesn’t result in toxic air emissions or volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. In contrast, a lot of commercially available disinfectants may have obnoxious fumes, especially when you accidentally mix them with other substances. These fumes can cause a …

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