Baking Soda Disinfectant Myths

baking soda

The use of baking soda for cleaning and as a disinfectant has equally been undermined and exalted. Admittedly, its versatility is to be reckoned with and its expanse of action is neither exclusive nor limited to the kitchen alone.   Bakers know that baking soda is responsible for making cookies chewy and cakes soft, housewives are aware that it is indispensable as a kitchen sink cleanser, young women use it as an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells and everybody knows how it deodorizes stinky feet and even more stinky shoes and socks. But does baking soda disinfectant make the grade? …

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Top 2 Reasons for Using Poultry Disinfectant

poultry birds

The use of poultry disinfectant plays a major role in the control of poultry disease. They contain chemical compounds and agents that destroy harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. While disinfectants and sanitizers may not totally eliminate all organisms, they do effectively reduce them to safer levels. Diseases have always been a concern in poultry houses, particularly in the hatchery. That is why poultry disinfectants are very useful. Here are the top reasons for using poultry disinfectants.   1. Eliminate Certain Diseases Certain microorganisms are pathogenic, or have the capability to cause diseases. Thus, they need to be eradicated from the premises or poultry …

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Great Ways To Clean Using Vinegar Disinfectant

white vinegar

Even though a vinegar disinfectant is known to be a good aid when it comes to household cleaning, most people have no idea that this disinfectant has many different uses.   There are many uses of this disinfectant that you obviously don’t know about and you might find yourself limiting it’s use if you don’t find out about these particular uses. Vinegar as a disinfectant is increasingly becoming very popular because of these many uses.   Also, since it is one of the most affordable types of disinfectants, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using vinegar as a disinfectant and purchase …

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