Best Way To Clean Carpets With A Carpet Cleaner

Carpets are a bit of a paradox. They are comfy on the feet, can give a home a soft and cozy look, and are fairly cost-effective, but when it comes to cleaning. Carpets are said to require less maintenance than hardwood or laminate style flooring. Carpet even beats out tile. According to The Carpet and Rug Institute, carpet makes up forty-eight percent of the United States Flooring Market.

Keeping carpets clean is tough. There are many different types of soils and debris that are tracked inside and onto carpets such as dirt, sand, grass, clay, fibers and leaves. We also cannot forget that accidents happen and there will be plenty of spills and splashes on carpeting over time as well. Dirty carpets are not only ugly and an eye sore, but when enough grime and allergens get built up in there, they can even become unhealthy to be breathing in. Even if you are vacuuming every day, it still may not be enough.

Every six months, utilizing a carpet cleaner can help to keep carpeting fresh, clean and pretty. This will deep clean it by steaming. When you use a carpet cleaner, you use a carpet cleaning solution in the cleaner. The cleaner prompts and applies pressure that is then injected far down into the carpet with some jet power. The carpet cleaner, when in use, will clean up and remove the cleaning solution along with the grime, dirt and debris that is embedded within the carpet.

A carpet cleaner utilizes steam and hot water to get deep down into the carpeting and the carpet fibers. It is even able to reach the backing of the carpet to help to loosen up any hardened dirt, allergens, dust, grime or grease. Normal cleaning is not able to get this job done.

Before using a carpet cleaner, one should use a regular vacuum first to remove any debris or dirt on the surface of the carpet. It is also recommended to move any furniture off of the carpeted area that you are intending to clean. The professional carpet cleaner will surely end up changing the color of your carpet as it cleans and as a result of going around furniture, you will end up with streaks and differences. A professional carpet cleaner is also large and bulky and does not maneuver well around furniture.

It should be noted that carpet cleaners have two different compartments: one for clean water, and one for dirty water. The clean water tank will be filled up to the water fill line and you should start with an empty dirty water tank. Then, add the cleaning solution according to the directions. Be sure to use the recommended cleaning solution as certain cleaners are not intended for use with these carpet cleaners.

Make sure to attach both tanks, close all caps, and turn on the carpet cleaner. From here, place pressure on the clean water button while you begin pushing the carpet cleaner along your carpeting. Release the clean water button and then you can pull the machine back towards you over the same pathway that you just created. This gives the carpet cleaner the opportunity to suck the water back up into the dirty water compartment. The compartments are transparent and allow you to be able to see the water levels so that you know when it is time to refill clean water and to dump out dirty water. From here, you just keep going through this process until you have completed the area you wish to clean. You can even go back over it again for heavily soiled areas.

With such ease of use, cleaning your carpets regularly with a carpet cleaner is certainly the best option to clean your carpets.

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