Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

The thought of cleaning the bathroom frightens a lot of people, yet the bathroom is one of those places that need to remain clean. Who wants to use a dirty bathroom?

Some people ask professional cleaners to clean their bathroom but this expensive alternative is out of the question for homeowners on tight budget. Don’t fret. Follow these quick bathroom cleaning tips to reduce stress.

Do Routine Cleaning

Keeping the bathroom clean all the time is the easiest way to avoid a major, exhausting cleanup. Some of the small things you can do are wiping bathroom counters and mirrors every day and emptying the bathroom trash bin.

The toilet gets easily dirty, especially when several people use it so flush the toilet after every use. Spot clean stains on tiles and surfaces right away. Do not allow dirt to stick around. These simple daily bathroom cleaning tips save many homeowners the weekend cleaning ordeal.

Remove Unwanted Stuff

After a time, unwanted objects may have accumulated inside the bathroom. Empty shampoo bottles, empty sachets, wine bottles, used towels, worn underwear, and soiled clothes may be strewn inside. Some people just leave these things there. Then at some point, the bathroom becomes a messy, uninviting place. Don’t be horrified by a cluttered bathroom. To avoid clutter from building up, take a moment every day to look for empty bottles and unused stuff in the bathroom. Discard these unwanted things.

One of the usually overlooked bathroom cleaning tips is to organize! Put all dirty clothes in the laundry basket, and take it to the laundry room. Secure an area for hanging damp towels. Don’t just toss your towels anywhere after bathing. Towels that don’t dry properly can get smelly.

Make a conscious effort to keep things in order every day. Moms who bathe their kids in the bathroom should make sure to remove toys in the tub afterwards. To avoid accidents, do not leave toys and objects laying around.

Have Cleaning Materials Available

Make sure you have a supply of bathroom cleaning solutions stored in the cabinet. Cleaning solutions don’t have to be commercial. Some thrifty homeowners make their own tile cleaners and toilet cleaners using household substances such as vinegar, baking soda, or bleach.

Bathroom cleaning tips also involve keeping cleaning tools handy. Brushes, mops, rags, and a toilet plunger should be ready. You don’t know when you might need them. Nothing is more frustrating than having a clogged toilet bowl on a Monday morning and then having no unclogging tools.

Do Regular Inspections

The conditions in the bathroom promote easy proliferation of microorganisms. Most bathrooms are humid. Bathrooms without proper ventilation remain damp, and such dampness result in rise of fungi, particularly mold and mildew, which can grow in the corners. Look for dark spots in the corners of the bathroom. These could be mildew. Also, look for signs of mold grown on wood. Mold looks like green or white patches on damp areas.

Mold and mildew can be eliminated using borax or bleach but be careful when removing mold. As one of the bathroom cleaning tips, scrub areas affected by mold or mildew as soon as you discover them. Then keep the bathroom dry through proper ventilation and regular plumbing inspection.

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