guys using sewer cleaning equipment

All About Sewer Cleaning Equipment

Most people don’t pay attention to the importance of the sewer or even to the kind of sewer cleaning equipment to use.


The sewer is such a significant outlet in the elimination of waste water from a drainage system that it should always be maintained in good condition.


Most of the drainage systems today have sewer treatment containers or tanks where the water undergoes treatment before its release into sewer pipes as less hazardous toxic waste.


The kind of sewer cleaner that is used to keep the system functioning properly actually prevents issues regarding blockages which result in drainages filling up with dirty water, although it isn’t just dirty water that can be considered as the primary cause of blockages.


Many other items that get mixed in the water can cause blockages and leave residues behind.


There are several ways in choosing the right kind of sewer cleaner according to particular needs.


Hand-Held and Electric Sewer Cleaners

Hand-held cleaners are simple machines that are capable of cleaning a sewer pipe, measuring more-or-less 25 feet, from the opening of a drain.


This type of cleaner sends a cable through a rotor into the pipe to clean the system. Gloves and protective eye gear are necessary when using this type of cleaner.


Similar to the hand-held type, the electric cleaner is capable of covering a longer length of sewer pipes.


Around 40 meters of cables can be used to clear sewer pipes of blockages including solid pieces and splints among other items.


This type of cleaner is fully operated by a rotor.



Sewer Jets and Air Bust Cleaners

The sewer jet uses water pressure’s power to clean sewer pipes.


The walls of the pipes are cleaned when high pressure water is released from the pressure line’s nozzle.


Pressure lines like these are excellent for cleaning even extremely long lengths of pipes.


Instead of releasing high pressure water like the sewer jet, the air bust cleaner does the job by releasing carbon dioxide and other kinds of gases into sewer pipes.


This kind of sewer cleaning equipment is capable of dislodging any blockage or residue of water and other items from sewer pipes.



Concentrated Enzymatic and Chemical Solutions

Solutions containing enzymes or chemicals are also considered as sewer cleaners, albeit environmentalists have always refused to use or recommend the use of such solutions.


Chemical cleaners are in liquid or solid form and can be conveniently poured into sewer pipes.


Their corrosive properties do the job of cleaning the pipes.


On the other hand, enzymatic solutions are best for removing organic matter found in sewer pipes.


These solutions make use of bacteria cultures and concentrated forms of enzymes to digest all organic matter that may be contributory to the clogged up condition of a sewer pipe.


Both these solution types of cleaners are less risky to use over cleaners that use electric power.


Guidelines When Using Sewer Cleaners

Here are some guidelines when using sewer cleaners that require electricity to be operable:


 Equipment must be thoroughly checked for strain reliefs which have been pulled out, ground prongs which may be missing, and damages in power cords and switches.


All equipment must have a GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter integrated into their power cord for protection of the equipment in general and the cord in particular.


Use a tester approved by the Underwriters Laboratories or UL to ensure that the outlet is properly grounded.


Any electrical equipment plugged into an electrified ground wire can electrocute a person just by touching it.


Use a heavy-duty, three-wire extension cord if the equipment’s power cord is not sufficient in length.


Remember that using lighter cords may result in overheating of the motor and, subsequently, to loss of power.


The cable could whip or kink if excessive torque is applied to it so don’t forcibly use it through a blockage.


Get a cutter to do the work to avoid injuring the operator or damaging the cable.


Always wear protective glasses when operating sewer cleaning equipment as a safety measure against any debris that may fly out from the pipe’s drain.



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