roof cleaning equipment

A Guide for Roof Cleaning Equipment

There are many reasons you need to use roof cleaning equipment, because no matter how well-built your roof is, it will still need cleaning and maintenance to prevent dirt and debris from settling in.


Fortunately you have a lot of options available so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.


Pressure Washers

This is one of the most common roof cleaning utilities available, and it is sold in different configurations and at different price tags. If you’re going to purchase a pressure washer to clean your roof, make sure that the PSI (pounds per square inch) is at least 2,200, preferably 3,000.


With this PSI configuration it will be more than sufficient for cleaning not just roofs but also driveways, siding, roofing tiles and other outdoor structures.


Pressure washers are powered by gas or electricity, and some prefer one over the other.


However, electric washers have a distinct advantage in that they’re quiet and are lower maintenance compared to gas powered washers.


However, gas powered washers are portable and have a stronger source of power, making them ideal for large cleaning jobs.


Whichever you choose you can buy either type online or rent them in home supply shops. If you’re not sure what type to use, just go to a home supply store and they’ll be able to tell you what’s suitable for your roof.



Telescopic Wand

A telescopic wand is a special roof cleaning equipment that can be extended up to 24 feet, meaning operators don’t have to use ladders to reach particular areas. This pressure washer is available in different specifications, although the majority of consumer grade wands are at least 6 ½ ft long and can reach the aforementioned 24 ft length.


Whichever type you buy, it is connected directly to the pressure washing apparatus, and it has been designed so that the water pressure through the tube is maintained even if you extend to the maximum allowed. With a telescopic wand you control the flowing water via a handle at the end point of the wand.




What to Look for in a Roof Cleaner

The roof cleaner needs to have an adjustable width and height, and it must have safety features as well. Some of the better roof cleaners also have a swivel fortified by steel ball bearings and are self-lubricating.


If you’re going to use the roof cleaner for long periods or frequently, purchase a cleaner designed for heavy duty use. At the same time you should look at the rotary arm and make sure that it can without repeated and high revolutions.


There are other things you need to look at when thinking of renting or buying roof cleaning equipment. You should for instance, assess the splash protection and how effective it really is. You’ll also want to evaluate the rolling rollers and determine how easy or difficult it is to position on your roof.


Finally, the best roof cleaning machine should be easy to maneuver once it has been set up properly.