gutter cleaning tools

6 Essential Gutter Cleaning Tools


Do you always find yourself putting off the job of cleaning your gutter because it’s just too hard to do?


Perhaps you are busy at the office, or maybe that is just a convenient excuse.


If your gutter is already full of debris from the trees near your house, you need to clean it now, or you will have a costlier problem in your hands.


Maybe if you have the right gutter cleaning tools, you will be more inclined to do it sooner.


To help you determine which tools you will need, here are some of our suggestions:



Working Gloves


This is the first tool you need to have.


You need to protect your hands and fingers from sharp wood splinters and other sharp objects that you don’t know of which are buried deep in the gutter dirt build-up.


Get the best workmen’s gloves that you can afford. Look for flexible ones so that you won’t lose the dexterity of your fingers.



Strong Ladder


Gutters are up there in your roof and you can’t reach them just by yourself.


You need to have a strong ladder that will take you up there and let you stay there safely.


When buying a ladder, choose one that will give you some slack.


You don’t want to have a ladder that is too short, because you don’t know if you are ever going to need to extend too far out in some occasions.



Deep Bucket


This is where you will put the debris that you will take out from the gutter.


It must be deep enough to be able to accommodate reasonable amount of debris so that you won’t have to go up and down the ladder so many times.



Rake for Gutter Cleaning


You need a small rake to break off the debris that has accumulated in the gutter.


This is one of the gutter cleaning tools you need to use because it is unsafe to just use your hands even if they are covered with protective gloves.


You will need a rake especially if the dirt build-up is wet and has solidified. They need to be broken up into small parts before you can take them down.





After you have taken out the big debris, there is still some dirt that will usually remain at the floor of the gutter.


If the debris has been there for a long time, this dirt could have already caked out and is hard.


Leaving the dirt intact will cause rusts in the gutter and will eventually destroy it.


Using a rake to break it apart may cause dents and holes on the gutter floor.


In order to avoid that, you have to use a metal scraper to carefully scrape the dirt from the gutter floor.



Water Hose


To finish the job, you need one of the gutter cleaning tools that will really make your gutter look clean.


This is the water hose which you will use to flush out all the remaining dirt that was not taken out by the other tools.



Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand with Ratcheting Head





The Orbit 58543 gutter cleaner with a telescoping wand has a powerful sweeping action that clears debris easily from hard-to-reach rain gutters.


Extremely versatile, it is also great for cleaning siding, windows, sidewalks, driveways and curbs.


Wand easily extends from 40″ to 70″ for increased range of use.


The four point ratcheting head, combined with the rotating sweeper nozzle, makes clean-up a snap.


The wand’s lightweight metal construction makes for a durable cleaning tool that will keep your yard debris-free for years to come.