homeopathic remedies for yeast infection

5 Homeopathic Remedies for Yeast Infection You Can Try


Yeast infection is a very inconvenient condition which can cause vaginal itching, burning sensation when urinating, pain during sex and presence of white discharge.


This is usually caused by an infection of candida albicans.


This fungus is normally present in our oral and mucus membranes.


It is when they multiply in uncontrolled numbers that they cause health problems.


But there is no worry if you get infected because there are several homeopathic remedies for yeast infection that you can use to treat this problem.


Keep on reading and you will learn about such remedies.


1. Clove of Garlic

Get a clove of garlic and wrap it in a piece of cheese cloth. Insert the cloth in your vagina but make sure that there is a string which you can use to pull it out easily. Leave the cloth inside for about three hours and then remove it. Do this several times a day until the infection is cured.



2. Oil of Oregano

Oregano oil is an effective treatment for yeast infection. It is usually applied topically if the yeast infection is external. Studies have found that if oil of oregano is combined with clove oil, the concoction will reduce the fungal colony and lessen the risk of yeast infection. Dosage for internal treatment is usually three capsules a day, taken before eating.



3. Tampon/Yogurt Treatment

Get a tampon and dip it in yogurt. Insert the tampon in your vagina. You can do this once during the day and once when you go to bed.



4. Eat Safe Foods

One of the most effective homeopathic remedies for yeast infection is to eat safe foods. Eat foods that do not promote the growth of yeast and replace them with foods that fight yeast infection. Foods to avoid include all sweets especially processed foods with hidden sweeteners, cola drinks, artificial fruit juices, and tea drinks.


Meat should not be included in your diet because they are rich in protein which encourages yeast infection. This refers especially to processed meats since almost all of these are laden with chemical additives and antibiotics. You should also stay away from white flour, pasta, white bread and baked goods.


You should limit your diet to organically grown plant foods since they are grown naturally without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If you really want to eat meat, select those which are grown free range and not through synthetic feeds.



5. Eat Foods Rich in Acidophilus

Acidophilus occurs naturally in our gastrointestinal tract. If your body has plenty of acidophilus, you can control the growth of candida in your system. You can increase your supply of this element by eating yogurt and sauerkraut. Acidophilus is also available in capsule and powder form in homeopathic and health stores. Your children can safely take them since they come from organic sources.


If you suspect that you are experiencing the symptoms of yeast infection, it will be wise to get the confirmation of a medical provider before trying any homeopathic remedies for yeast infection. Your doctor may also be able to recommend the right homeopathic treatment for your ailment.