signs of yeast infection

5 Early Signs of Yeast Infection


It’s important to recognize the early signs of yeast infection, especially when it points to Candidal vulvovaginitis or vaginal thrush.


Vaginal yeast infections commonly cause itching and burning, but the condition can escalate into something a lot more serious if not treated properly.


Aside from that, you could also pass the infection to your partner during sexual intercourse, and this is why it’s important to recognize the symptoms early on.


Recognizing the early signs is the first step to proper treatment, and this is why it’s highly important for you to be knowledgeable about them.


Here are some signs that you should watch out for:



When you feel some uncontrollable itching in the vaginal area, as well as around the opening or the vulva, then this could be an early symptom of yeast infection.  Itching is one of the more common manifestations of candidiasis, so if you notice that something is wrong then you should watch out.




A burning sensation, especially while urinating, is another sign of the infection. The burning sensation can also happen during sexual intercourse, which makes it painful and utterly uncomfortable. These are signs that don’t normally appear, so it could be an early symptom of candidiasis as well.




It’s common to have vaginal discharge, especially at certain points of the menstrual cycle. But you have to watch out for a discharge that’s odorless but with a white or whitish gray, thick, and cottage cheese appearance. The discharge is also clumpy and not normal at all, so you should watch out for it at all times.



Soreness and Swelling

The itching and burning sensations are sometimes due to the vagina being sore and swollen. Sometimes, a rash even develops in the vaginal area, which taken together causes a redness that’s normally not there. If you have any of these early signs of yeast infection, then you must seek treatment as early as possible.




If you feel some pain in the vaginal area then this could be a sign of yeast infection. The pain doesn’t just have to be during sexual intercourse either, because when the vaginal area is swollen and infected then it becomes painful even without an external trigger.


What you just have to remember with these early signs of yeast infection is that they also mimic the symptoms of other sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea. Of course when you get these symptoms you should immediately have yourself tested, especially if the symptoms look like they’re escalating and getting worse.


While there are many causes of yeast infection, there are also many ways to prevent it. Making sure that your underwear choice (i.e. cotton) keeps your genital area dry and changing out of a wet swimsuit right away can prevent the infection.


Of course you should also make sure you have proper hygiene and keep your vaginal area clean at all times.