4 Effective Strategies of Dealing with Stress



Stress can be good or bad for your health; it depends on how you deal with it when it comes. If you don’t experience any stress at all, you may find life boring. But excessive amounts of stress will bog you down and make you sickly.



The right techniques of dealing with stress therefore become vital, when they undermine both your physical and mental health.



Anything that poses a challenge automatically triggers your fight or flight response. Whatever response you take, it affects your mental and physical state because your system is activated to either flee or face the challenge squarely.

Properly Dealing with Stress is Important


You cannot avoid stress from coming into your life, therefore it is always best to prepare for it. Your mental and physical health will be adversely affected especially if you don’t know how to deal with them.



Thankfully, there are different strategies of dealing with stress that have been formulated by our present crop of mental health professionals.



It will be for your best to learn these techniques. They will greatly help you live your life as healthy and happy as possible – even when stress keeps on knocking at your door.


Follow these techniques and you will be able to deal with any kind of stress that may come your way.



  1. Use Emergency Stoppers of Stress


Usually, stress just comes out of the blue and before you realize it, you are already caught in the middle of a maelstrom.



But just as stress starts abruptly, you can also stop it instantly by using the following stress stoppers:

  • Take several deep breaths.
  • Count from 1 to 10 before speaking.
  • Immediately say “sorry”, if you are at fault.
  • Walk away from the stressful situation but solve the problem later.
  • Set your watch in advance to avoid the stress of being late.


  1. Practice Daily Relaxation

Relaxing is one of the best ways of dealing with stress because it calms your nerves, and releases the tension from your brain and muscles. You need to know how to properly relax and this involves daily practice.



Some of the most popular forms of relaxation are meditation, tai chi, yoga and similar practices. Learn how to breathe deeply because it is the easiest way you can relax your nerves. You can also search the internet for the different ways you can relax then practice the one that strikes you the most.



  1. Practice Positive Self-Talk


To put it in another way: be easy on yourself. Talking to yourself positively will ease the tension inside, while talking negatively to yourself will only add to the stress that you are undergoing. Instead of saying: “I can’t do this.” try saying: “I’ll do my best.”



  1. Do Something That Makes You Feel Good


Doing something that you like and which you are good at will help relieve the tension you are feeling inside. It is in fact the most natural way of dealing with stress.