Types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment

carpet cleaning equipment

  Knowing the different kinds of carpet cleaning equipment and how they’re utilized will help you determine the kind of cleaner you need.   While they have the same purpose, the way these machines work vary, and you must have a basic understanding of each one to avoid misunderstandings and confusion.   Spot Cleaners These … Read more

Types of Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

air duct cleaning equipment

  There are two major types of air duct cleaning equipment, and they are the Rotary Brush Air Duct Cleaning Systems and the Negative Air Duct Cleaning Systems.   These two are very different, and if you’re going to buy a cleaning system it’s imperative that you understand the difference between them.   Negative Air … Read more

A Guide for Roof Cleaning Equipment

roof cleaning equipment

There are many reasons you need to use roof cleaning equipment, because no matter how well-built your roof is, it will still need cleaning and maintenance to prevent dirt and debris from settling in.   Fortunately you have a lot of options available so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.   … Read more